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Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were honored recently for their 10 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Molly Andrus, graphic designer, Marketing Communications; Brenda Billings, janitor, Facilities Services; Tammy Brackett, professor and Department Chair, Digital Media and Animation; Lucinda Croston, secretary, Business; Lois Curran, secretary, Admissions; Dr. Hollie Hall, director of counseling, Health and Wellness Services; Anne Holmok, head women’s soccer coach, Athletics; Brenda Lorow, cleaner, Facilities Services; Gary Lovell, plant utilities engineer, Heating Plant; Kera Mariotti, associate professor, Civil Engineering Technology; Diane McCaig, cleaner, Facilities Services; Clifford McPeak, associate professor, Business; Jeffrey Patronek, assistant professor, Building Trades; Timothy Piotrowski, associate professor, Civil Engineering Technology; Tammy Sharp, cleaner, Facilities Services; Jason Smith, senior grounds worker, Facilities Services; Craig Sturdevant, staff assistant, Technology Services; Simon Whitehouse, assistant professor, Mathematics and Physics; and Niki Young, program aide, Student Records and Financial Services.

Honorees received a certificate and a college umbrella.

employees holding their umbrellas and certificates

Front row, l-r are Tammy Sharp, Brenda Billings, Tammy Brackett, Molly Andrus, Dr. Hollie Hall, Anne Holmok, and Simon Whitehouse. Second row, l-r are Jason Smith, Timothy Piotrowski, Jeffrey Patronek, Diane McCaig, Kera Mariotti, Gary Lovell, Brenda Lorow, Lois Curran, and Niki Young.