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Alfred State top 10 in nation for a dozen majors

Alfred State top 10 in nation for a dozen majors

Money Magazine’s report on the Best Colleges for Your Money 2017 awarded Alfred State stellar ratings, with the college among the top 10 in the nation out of schools offering a dozen different majors.

After evaluating more than 2,400 colleges and universities around the country, Money Magazine ranked Alfred State number 200 overall. That places the college in the top 10 percent of all schools and a top performer in many categories.

When students search for individual majors Alfred State was highly ranked, including one first-place award:

US Rank Alfred State Degree Money's Description of Major
No. 1 IT: Web Development Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster
No. 2 Cyber Security Computer and Information System Security
No. 2 IT: Applications Software Development Computer Programming, Specific Applications
No. 2 IT: Network Administration System, Networking and LAN/WAN Management
No. 3 Architectural Technology Architectural Technology
No. 3 Computer Engineering Technology Computer Engineering Technology
No. 3 Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology Surveying Technology
No. 5 Digital Media and Animation Animation, Interactive Technology
No. 7 Mechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology
No. 8 Financial Planning Financial Planning
No. 8 Forensic Science Technology Forensic Science and Technology
No. 9 Electrical Engineering Technology Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology

“By calling this list the ‘best for your money,’ you know that affordability is one factor being considered,” said Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan. “These rankings also take into account how our faculty provide a high-quality education through hands-on learning, how well prepared our students are to start their careers, and how our alumni are high achievers in the working world. I’m so proud of our faculty, students, and alumni. They deserve all the credit for these tremendous accolades.”

When announcing the list, Money Magazine noted, “Like any generalized list, Money’s college rankings serve only as a starting point. We’ve created a free Web tool that allows you to build your own rankings.” In this way, students and parents can add the aspects of a college that are most important to them. 

By narrowing search results to include only public institutions and schools with fewer than 5,000 students, Alfred State quickly rockets up the list to the number seven position for best colleges in the US.

About Alfred State, the magazine points out that, “Graduates report average salaries to Payscale that are about 10 percent higher than graduates of similar institutions.” The magazine’s description of the college includes praise for alumni success and focuses on the use of applied learning throughout the curriculum to prepare students for their careers.

To compile the list, Money Magazine used data from the US Department of Education, Peterson’s,, and College Measures. The evaluation covered 27 factors in three categories: quality of education, cost, and alumni success. Out of the 2,400 schools evaluated, 711 met the magazine’s standards to be named one of the Best Colleges for Your Money.

Money Magazine’s database tool to build your own rankings is available at:

three male students at Commencement taking a selfie

Recent Alfred State graduates celebrate. A new report concludes that they
are better prepared than most to see success in their careers.