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Students devising marketing plan for Hornell businesses

Students devising marketing plan for Hornell businesses

Five Hornell-area businesses are teaming up with Alfred State students to develop a plan that will improve their marketing and growth efforts.

An Event to Remember, Decals and Doodles, Garcia’s Barbershop, Ashley Nicole Designs, and Heather Stanford Photography – all Hornell Partners for Growth (HPG) members – are participating in a program in which Alfred State students will provide them with a complete market analysis, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and strategic marketing planning to develop growth opportunities.

Susan Gorman, an adjunct instructor in Alfred State’s Business Department, noted that this initiative is part of an applied learning project her strategic marketing class is undertaking. To help with their plans for the businesses, these 35 students, she said, will be analyzing current marketing data provided by the businesses, along with statistical data from the New York State Department of Labor, Division of Research and Statistics.

“The goal of this project is to engage students with on-site marketing application, as they will be working directly with small businesses, analyzing business and statistical data, and providing strategic marketing solutions for HPG clients,” she said. “The benefit to these businesses is that they are partnered with a diversified marketing team, which will bring tremendous insight toward business growth. This is our first experience working with a local chamber agency, and we look forward to the results.”

Shelly Stevens, director of Hornell Partners for Growth, said HPG and the Hornell business community are so thankful for opportunities to partner with Alfred State on projects such as this.

“It is opportunities like this that help us grow our businesses and our community to ensure that we are prepared to be successful for years to come,” she said. “We see these collaboration efforts with upcoming professionals as an advantage for both ourselves and the students. We look forward to the outcome of this particular project and are thankful to the Alfred community for continuing to partner with Hornell, encouraging further prosperity for all involved."

The students recently met on campus with the businesses owners to discuss their plans face-to-face. Ashley Horan, owner of Ashley Nicole Designs, said, “I’m really excited to work with the students and hear the different ideas they have that will help grow my business.”

Zach Shadbolt, a mechanical engineering technology major from Attica, said of the project, “It definitely goes to show that we’re able to take what we learn in class and apply it to the real world and actually have a chance to be able to help out a real company. It feels rewarding. You can see where your work’s paid off, and gauge how you might handle these types of situations after graduation.”

Juliana Krajewski, a technology management major from Buffalo, said, “I think this is one of the greatest courses I could have signed up for at Alfred State because I’m not just sitting in a classroom learning about how to provide great strategic marketing for clients, I’m actually getting to know a client, and I’m getting to work with people and provide a service to them that gives me experience I can use later on. I can get their feedback and they can let me know how I did and I think it will be excellent.”

Alfred State students meet with a Hornell business owner.

Ashley Horan, owner of Ashley Nicole Designs in Hornell, meets with Alfred State students to discuss a new strategic marketing plan for her business.