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Leadership minor available this fall

Leadership minor available this fall

Adding to the ways in which Alfred State students are preparing to become the leaders of tomorrow, the college will begin offering a leadership minor this coming fall semester.

The minor is intended to expose students to existing courses and experiential credits (internship or practicum experiences) at Alfred State that focus on and/or include leadership topics. These students will be introduced to the Social Change Model of Leadership and mentorship opportunities.

Although the minor will be administratively housed in the Business Department, a team of faculty and staff will help coordinate the program and advise students who register for it. Danielle Green, chair of the Business Department, said she is excited about this new offering.

“As the department continues to grow, we look to add new opportunities in the academic field of business,” she said. “This minor will provide an opportunity for both business and non-business students to acquire skills necessary to be leaders in their respective fields.”

Requiring a flexible 15 hours of credit, the minor will:

  • introduce students to civic-leadership opportunities;
  • provide a comprehensive group of learning experiences that will complement and enrich all academic programs;
  • offer a valuable skill set to boost student marketability, while providing supplementary productivity and an increase in their ability to set and exceed workplace goals and objectives;
  • strive to continually raise the bar and provide the community, state, and nation with the next generation of remarkable leaders who will leave a mark of effectiveness, efficiency, and distinction in their wake.

The backbone of the minor integrates Alfred State’s existing Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program (EPLP), which offers leadership development opportunities at three certificate levels for all students. The new minor and the EPLP are one of several leadership-centered offerings at the college, including the Civic Leadership Living Learning Community and Leadership Suites/Organizational Suites.

Alyshia Zurlick, assistant director of the Office of Student Engagement, said, it would be an understatement to say that the Alfred State community is excited about this opportunity.

“One of the single greatest determining factors of college and workplace success is the ability to be a highly effective leader,” Zurlick said. “Leadership skills are valued and respected and have become increasingly pursued in the workforce. The leadership minor will provide students with essential leadership qualities and principles that will enhance and solidify success both in the classroom and the workplace.”