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Four-year interdisciplinary studies program now offered

Four-year interdisciplinary studies program now offered

Prospective students can now enroll for the spring 2016 semester in Alfred State’s new Bachelor of Technology (BTech) interdisciplinary studies program.

This program enables students to pursue precise career interests that cannot be accommodated within typical majors. It is designed to provide a four-year curriculum in which students are able to personalize, within specified core and concentration areas, their technology-based program of study.

Founded on academic flexibility, the program provides two sets of broad-based academic options. Students select one core set of courses for years one and two of the program, and then choose two concentration areas for years three and four.

The core areas include science/technology/engineering/mathematics (STEM), management, design, health/agriculture/science (HAS), humanities/social science, and technical communication. The concentration areas are STEM, management, technical communication/design, humanities/social sciences, and health/science.

Dr. Skip Sullivan, president of Alfred State, said, “As one of seven colleges of technology within the State University of New York system, Alfred State is well-positioned to deliver a technology-based interdisciplinary studies program that allows students to explore cross-disciplined, personalized academic career tracks. I thank all of the faculty who made this program possible.”

Dr. Kristin Poppo, vice president for Academic Affairs, said, “As our world becomes more complex, the skills and knowledge needed for the workplace often cross many disciplines. Our new interdisciplinary studies degree allows students to build a degree integrating interests in STEM fields, business, human services, health, and communications. We are confident that this degree will help students prepare for jobs of the future.”

Graduates of the this program will be well-prepared to enter and succeed in a wide range of technology-based careers, including technical writer, sales engineer, health and safety engineer, cost estimator, computer systems analyst, occupational health and safety specialist, and more.