President Sullivan to Alfred State employees: 'You are the heroes of this college'

President Sullivan to Alfred State employees: 'You are the heroes of this college'

Alfred State employees view the 3-D videoIn his fall 2015 Opening Remarks speech on Monday, Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan focused on the subject of heroes.

The president began by talking to faculty and staff about superheroes they may have admired as a child, such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. He then showed a 3-D video featuring several Alfred State employees talking about who their favorite superhero was, and who their heroes are now.

“Our heroes change during our lifetime,” Sullivan said in the video. “The hero of your youth is probably not the hero of your adult life. Our perspectives change, but certainly most of us have our heroes, whether we admit it or not.”

Heroes, Sullivan said, can range from family members to teachers to coaches to members of the military to athletes, actors, counselors, and more.

“You are probably someone’s hero, whether you like it or not, or whether you know it or not,” he said. “You are actually modeling the behavior of a hero in someone’s eyes.”

The president urged faculty and staff to be aware of model hero characteristics, to provide encouragement and assistance, and to make themselves available for helping others. He also said they should think about the impact they will have on the next generation of heroes – the students.

“Alfred State has some awesome heroes,” the president concluded. “Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your day, enjoy your semester, enjoy your year. You are the heroes of this college.”

Sullivan also provided an update on Alfred State, mentioning the Middle States Commission on Higher Education reaffirming accreditation of the college; new programs, such as criminal justice and radiologic technology; programs in development; faculty, student, and student-athlete accomplishments; more intramurals being offered; record-setting career fairs; and a number of capital projects taking place.