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Teaming Up to Celebrate Service and Allegany County

Teaming Up to Celebrate Service and Allegany County

Alfred State students will be among more than 400 student volunteers from Houghton College, Alfred University, and area high schools who will be participating in “Celebrate Service, Celebrate Allegany” on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Volunteers will be working on projects ranging from clean-up of streets and parks to painting and cleaning for non-profit organizations and assisting senior citizens or disabled individuals with general yard care and maintenance needs. 

“The day represents a great opportunity for students to come together to address challenges, build relationships, and learn more about the greater Allegany County community,” said Jonathan Hilsher, director of Civic Engagement at Alfred State. “The purpose of this event is threefold: to serve the community, to celebrate Allegany County, and to encourage students with meaningful, high-impact service projects that will inspire them to take an active role in the community in the future.”

The event is part of the County’s participation in Make a Difference Day, the largest national community service day in America and is being supported by Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, Swain, and the Alfred Sports Center. The event was coordinated by Leadership Allegany, a program where adult professionals who live, work and have vested interest in Allegany County grow their leadership abilities, create connections and impact their communities.