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SkillsUSA-Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics

SkillsUSA-Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics

Students working in the kitchenMore than 900 students from Region I BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education and Services) districts encompassing Western New York and the Southern Tier, competed in the 21st annual SkillsUSA-Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics, (formerly VICA--Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) held in March at Alfred State College. Competition areas ranged from extemporaneous speaking and graphic communications to heating and air conditioning to law enforcement and ground maintenance to auto service, collision repair, and brick masonry, to cake decorating and small animal care (vet assistant). Alfred State College faculty, staff, and students judged the competitions.

Competitors from the following schools attended: Genesee Valley (Batavia); Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont; Lakeshore/ Carrier Educational Center (Angola); CG May Vocational Center (Mt. Morris); Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES, Coopers Campus (Painted Post); EMCC (Eastern Monroe Career Center), Fairport; Edison Tech and Occupational High School (Rochester); Ellicottville CTE Center; GST BOCES Pauline Bush Campus (Elmira); Harkness Center (Cheektowaga); Hewes Educational Center (Ashville); Kenton Center (Olean); LoGuidice (Fredonia); Niagara (Sanborn); Olean CTE Center; Orleans (Medina); WD Ormsby Center (East Aurora); Potter Career and Technical Center (West Seneca); Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES (Newark); WE-MO-CO Occupational-Technical Center (Spencerport); and GST BOCES, Wildwood Campus (Hornell).

The winners of this regional competition will advance to the next level of competition at the On-Center in Syracuse, where all six regions in New York State will meet to attempt to qualify for the national competition in Kansas City in June.

An awards ceremony honored (top three in order of finish):

Contest Name Center Place
Action Skills Chelsea Alvarez EMCC 1st
  Amanda Goyette EMCC 2nd
  Amber Matthews WE-MO-CO 3rd
Advertising Design Eric Weyand GST Wildwood 1st
  Kelsey Faulise KenTon 2nd
  Katy Siwirski Harkness 3rd
Auto Body Helper Cody Michalski Potter 1st
  Allen Presher Wildwood 1st
  Jesse Catermolo WE-MO-CO 2nd
Auto Service Paul Duthoy WE-MO-CO 1st
Auto Technology Josh Muir CG May 1st
  Tom Kalman KenTon 2nd
  Kreg Crooker Coopers 3rd
Tyler Moore Niagara 1st
  Cory Grenzy Niagara 1st
  Mark Pasqualotto Niagara 1st
  Nick Mott WE-MO-CO 2nd
  Anthony Rosati WE-MO-CO 2nd
  Paul Pontarelli WE-MO-CO 2nd
  Cody Middleton Wayne Tech 3rd
  James Briggs Wayne Tech 3rd
  Jordan Legro Wayne Tech 3rd
Travis Harvey GST Wildwood 1st
Carpentry Bryant Jones Finger Lakes 1st
  Clayton Wurl Niagara 2nd
  Jose Gordillo Edison 3rd
Collision Repair Brian Meyer WD Ormsby 1st
  Gary Koseba Coopers 1st
  Ryan Speidel Potter 2nd
Commercial Baking Emily Jackson WE-MO-CO 1st
  Amanda Reece KenTon 2nd
  Stephanie Woodcock Coopers 3rd
Cosmetology Jr. Alana Bianchi WE-MO-CO 1st
  Tessa McArdle Belmont 2nd
  Shanita Upshaw EMCC 3rd
Cosmetology Sr. Kristen Bona EMCC 1st
  Tiffany Gleason Belmont 2nd
  Stephanie Fiorella WE-MO-CO 3rd
CPR/First Aid Tori Muscato EMCC 1st
  Tyler Tornstrom EMCC 2nd
  Katie Cross Wildwood 3rd
Criminal Justice Zach Sireika WD Ormsby 1st
  Nicki Kellogg Ellicottville 2nd
  Michael Collins Coopers 3rd
CSI Steven Padgett GST Bush 1st
  Heaven Cornish GST Bush 1st
  Tyler Davenport GST Bush 1st
  Cody Johnson Olean 2nd
  Andrew Klice Olean 2nd
  Joshua Coulter Olean 2nd
  Sharleigh Lytle Belmont 3rd
  Rochelle Rinehart Belmont 3rd
  Zach Work Belmont 3rd
Culinary Arts Amanda Delles Wayne 1st
  Donald Mancuso WE-MO-CO 2nd
  Rory Keyes EMCC 3rd
Custom Painting
& Graphics
Jacob French Potter 1st
  Tyler Wright Hewes 2nd
  Justin Wells Kenton 3rd
Diesel Mechanics Andy Mayerat WD Ormsby 1st
  Tim Vukovic Orleans 2nd
  Jeremy Hellman WD Ormsby 3rd
Levi Boyer Orleans 1st
    Genesee Valley  
  Luke Becker Batavia 2nd
  Dustin Doucett WE-MO-CO 3rd
Jeff Hall WE-MO-CO 1st
Extemporaneous Adam Garvey Kenton 1st
Speech Megan Durham WE-MO-CO 2nd
  Ryan McKenrick WE-MO-CO 3rd
Food &
Beverage Service
Amanda Lucieer Wayne 2nd
  Joy Letson CG May 3rd
Food Prep Assistant Rashell Smedley GST Bush 1st
  Sandy Gascon Wildwood 2nd
  Patricia Campbell WE-MO-CO 3rd
Health Knowledge
  Niagara 1st
    Coopers 2nd
    Harkness 3rd
Internetworking Jacob Hartman GST Bush 1st
Job Demo A Katlyn Heitzhaus WD Ormsby 1st
  Christi Lawson EMCC 2nd
  Bret Dearborn Niagara 3rd
Job Demo Open Emily Rudes Niagara 1st
  Andrea Aldrich Harkness 2nd
  Justin Maggio CG May 3rd
Job Interview Maron Brauer Orleans 1st
  Kelly Edwards EMCC 2nd
  Salvatore Crino LoGuidice 3rd
Masonry Colby Smith Coopers 1st
  Collin Ross Wildwood 2nd
  Jeremy Kane Orleans 3rd
Nail Tech Lieren Minute EMCC 1st
  Kayla Rose Olean 2nd
  Stephanie Roeder WD Ormsby 3rd
Photography Lindsey Palmer EMCC 1st
  Courtney Patton Wildwood 2nd
  Sharalyn Ferrand Wildwood 3rd
Precision Heavy
Nate Besler Wildwood 1st
  John Wendel Ellicottville 2nd
  Jacob Fisher Wayne Tech 3rd
Precision Machining Tyler Gantt Niagara 1st
  Jake Minkau WE-MO-CO 2nd
  John Keesey Coopers 3rd
Prepared Speech Karalyn Henderson Niagara 1st
  Charlene Wood KenTon 2nd
  Cameron Pezzice KenTon 3rd
PreSchool Teaching
Kaitlyn Wilkinson GST Bush 1st
  Taylor Burgio EMCC 2nd
  Stefani Colucci Ellicottville 3rd
Quiz Bowl Chris Green LoGuidice 1st
  Jacqueline Cofer LoGuidice 1st
  Joshua White LoGuidice 1st
  Danielle Strickfader LoGuidice 1st
  Jake Atwell LoGuidice 1st
  Paul Brylinski KenTon 2nd
  Jenai Bolden KenTon 2nd
  Jennifer Renner KenTon 2nd
  Michael Sharon KenTon 2nd
  Nick May KenTon 2nd
  Ariel Cook GST Bush 3rd
  Briana Bordern GST Bush 3rd
  Jo Faulkner GST Bush 3rd
  Christina Hamilton  GST Bush  3rd
Related Technical
Marco Notaro Niagara 1st
  Jake Becker Batavia 2nd
  Samantha Smith Orleans 3rd
Residential Wiring Nicholas Conkling Harkness 1st
  Gustavo Trejo Wayne Tech 2nd
  Zack Macks Edison 3rd
Small Animal Olivia Newman WD Ormsby 1st
  Sarah Shepherd WD Ormsby 2nd
  Katelynn Bumbacher CG May 3rd
Small Engine Kenneth LeCrone Wildwood 1st
T-Shirt Design Jacob French Potter 1st
  Kristi Holmes Coopers 2nd
  Sara Golden Coopers 3rd
Technical Drafting Michael Reding Ellicottville 1st
TV/Video Production Christian Payment WE-MO-CO 1st
  Mike Faller WE-MO-CO 1st
  Mitchell Cochran Niagara 2nd
  Serena Cassick Niagara 2nd
  Kyle Ortiz Wildwood 3rd
  Jamie Kennedy Wildwood 3rd
Welding Christopher Mulkin LoGuidice 1st
  Geoff Griess Batavia 2nd
  Beau Babcock Orleans 3rd