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Science and Technology Fair Results

Science and Technology Fair Results

Science fair entrant Pat Folland, Hinsdale Central SchoolStudent displays from six local
school districts (Allegany-Limestone, Bolivar-Richburg, Corning West High,
Hinsdale, Wayland-Cohocton, and Olean Middle School, and three home-schooled
students) were judged at Alfred State College's 10th Annual Regional Science
and Technology Fair.  Forty entries prepared by 52 students were received
in the categories of agriculture, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy,
computers, earth sciences, engineering, environmental science, forensic
science, health, and medicine. Participants were divided into junior (grades
7-9) and senior (10-12) grade categories. 

Winners in the senior division included first place ($250) - Chris
Patterson, Kyle Frank, and Vasily Kuksenkov (Corning West) - "Agriculture
Effects on River Quality;"  second place  ($150) - Joey Groele
(Allegany-Limestone) - "The Face Melter 3000;" and third place ($100) - Brent Liberati
(Hinsdale) - "A Super-cool Project."

Winners in the junior division included first place ($250) - Whitney
Kent (Hinsdale)--"A-mazing Plants;" second place ($150) - Erin Clark and Haley
Majot (Bolivar-Richburg)-- "The Incredible Ice Cream Incident;" and third place
($100) - Melinda Drabant (Hinsdale)--"Oh Shoot I Failed my Stroop."

Honorable Mention Award ($50) - Anthony Giberson (Hinsdale) - 
"Pedal Power."

Grand Prize ($500)
- Leigh Ann Cledgett (Hinsdale) - "The Toilet."

Best Junior
Division School (Silver Tray) - Hinsdale

Best Senior
Division School (Silver Tray) - Corning West High

Each participant
received a certificate of participation, and individual ribbons were presented
to first-, second-, and third-place prize winners in all divisions. 

Judges for this
year's fair included Dr. Frank Theil, co-chair, Alfred State College Council;
Alfred State College faculty and staff members John Buckwalter, SUNY (State
University of New York) Distinguished Teaching Professor and interim dean,
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; James Buell, assistant professor,
Mathematics and Physics Department; Dr. Dave Kendall, assistant professor,
Mathematics and Physics Department; Dr. Earl Packard, assistant professor and chair,
Mathematics and Physics Department; Chris Young, instructional support
associate, Mathematics and Physics Department; Dr. Steve Jakobi, associate
professor, Physical and Life Sciences Department; Wayne Bensley, associate
professor, Physical and Life Sciences Department; Dr. Jerry Fong, professor,
Physical and Life Sciences Department; Mike Putnam, professor, Physical and
Life Science Department; Garth Grantier, academic adviser, The Learning Center;
Ray Gleason, instructional support technician, School of Management and
Engineering Technology; Matt Lawrence, assistant professor, Mechanical
Engineering Technology Department; and Tim Cochran, associate professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department.  Other judges
were Bill Condon, pilot, Mercy Flight of Western New York; and Cheryld Emmons, associate professor of biology, Alfred University.

The competition
was sponsored by Alstom Transportation, Hornell; ASC Student Senate, ASC
Physical and Life Science Department, Mathematics and Physics Department, and
Tech Prep, providing funding, ribbons, silver platters, and programmable