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President Anderson Reacts to SUNY Chancellor Zimpher’s State of the University Address

President Anderson Reacts to SUNY Chancellor Zimpher’s State of the University Address

In response to State University of New York (SUNY) Chancellor Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher’s State of the University address, Alfred State College President Dr. John M. Anderson noted recently: “Listening to Chancellor Zimpher’s remarks served to confirm my belief that she is the right leader at the right time for the SUNY system. She has been able to forge a partnership with NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state government which will help SUNY take the lead in the economic revitalization of the state. I am honored and excited to be part of this administration.”

The Chancellor’s plan to “get down to business” following a year of milestone accomplishments, will capitalize on SUNY’s “systemness” to lower costs, enhance productivity, and elevate the importance of degree completion within SUNY, the country’s largest comprehensive system of public higher education.

According to Zimpher, “SUNY will tap into that power of ‘systemness’ to create a more affordable, productive, and accessible university, while doing its part to generate economic development, create jobs, and prepare the workforce of tomorrow for New York State.”

“The Chancellor’s plan to shift administrative cost savings to instruction through SUNY’s shared services initiative is an idea whose time has come. I support the plan to centrally process payroll, benefits, purchasing, travel, and other basic administrative services to allow SUNY campuses to shift a minimum of five percent of their administrative spending to academics and student services over the next three years.

“Additionally, I am confident that the Chancellor’s plan to have all SUNY campuses operate on common information technology (IT) data systems will be a great help to students and administrative staff, making record-sharing easier among institutions.

“I also strongly support the Chancellor’s plan to eliminate the need for academic remediation over the next decade. Her statistics regarding this (SUNY spends $70 million a year in remediation. All of SUNY’s ag/tech campuses combined receive $63.6 million in state support) were eye-opening to say the least, and it makes far more sense not only to spend those resources in other areas, but to better-prepare the students entering college!

“I certainly also commend the Chancellor for her initiative to implement seamless transfer for community college graduates; for SUNY to become the nation’s most extensive distance learning environment, giving access to the best in open educational resources; and turning access into completion to ensure that every student who walks through SUNY’s doors leaves, on time, with a degree.

Chancellor Zimpher said, “SUNY will continue to marry its academic mission with its immense capacity to serve all of New York State as a driver of economic and workforce development and a partner in the improvement of education from cradle to career. We are fortunate at SUNY to work beside a governor who shares our ambition and with community leaders across the state who are focused on creating a better way of life for all of New York, now and in the future.”

“I am certain that Chancellor Zimpher’s goals will be met as Alfred State and our sister campuses collaborate in these new ways,” said Anderson.