Land-locked Alfred State Adds Fog Horn to Its Safety Notification System

Land-locked Alfred State Adds Fog Horn to Its Safety Notification System

ASC emergency sirenAlfred State College,
in its continuing efforts to ensure the safety of its students, faculty, and
staff recently added another piece to its comprehensive emergency notification

, a company based in Broussard, LA, supplied Alfred State with a 133db
outdoor, omni-directional warning siren which emits a 360 degree beam of sound
on a horizontal plane. 

Corp. designs, manufactures, and sells sirens worldwide. While the sirens have
typically been used in maritime environments as fog signals, the siren --
Essi's FaradicWave 6 -- pairs perfectly with what the College wanted.

needed something distinct from the fire whistle, yet also with the volume to
reach anyone walking between buildings," said Dr. John M. Anderson, college

far as we know," Anderson added, "we are the first college to use such a unique
warning system."

State officials say the siren will only be used in serious emergencies and in
conjunction with SUNY Emergency Alert, an all-hazard
alert and notification Web-based portal that allows officials to send community
members text messages, phone calls, e-mails, and faxes. 

University Chief of Police Gregory Sammons added, "The cumulative
effect of the two systems working in tandem significantly elevates the
effectiveness of both.  The siren lets
everyone --
subscribers and everyone else within a one-mile radius -- know that there is an emergency,
and the SUNY Alert messages provide the follow-up individual messaging for
updates and detailed instructions.

ASC emergency siren"Essi designed the system to be easy to install, and it was. 
In three hours, we had the unit removed from its shipping crate, on the roof of
an academic building, and connected into our dispatch center.  The siren
is activated from the University Police Department.  The batteries are
recharged with solar energy, another feature Alfred was excited to see as the
College continues to seek ways to go ‘green' and use sustainable energy
sources.  The guys at Essi were tremendous," added Sammons, "...when they
found out what we needed and how we would use it, they donated the equipment at
no cost to the College.  Their incredible kindness is a testament to the