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Faculty and Staff Members Honored As Recipients of the Pioneer Award

Faculty and Staff Members Honored As Recipients of the Pioneer Award

Several Alfred State College faculty and staff members were honored recently as recipients of the Pioneer Award which recognizes those members of the organization who demonstrate the following characteristics: commitment to the mission and goals of the college, meaningful and measurable positive impact on the college, role modeling, and a high level of performance.

The award carries with it prize money of $225 for each recipient.

This year’s winners included Student Records and Financial Services.

Richard’s nomination read, in part: “If there were an objective measure of enthusiasm, Steve would not fit the scale; the term “boundless” comes to mind. Steve excites his students in the masonry curriculum. His energy is off the charts; his expertise supreme. He inspires other faculty with his dedication and with the clear joy he gets from teaching. As the song goes, ‘Nobody does it better!’”

Preston’s nominator characterized her as “a remarkable asset to the department. She is one of the most humble and unassuming colleagues we’ve worked with. She completes her assigned daily tasks with truly astounding efficiency. This provides the opportunity for her to explore out of the box, as the self starter that she is, allows her to engage in many new endeavors. Her contribution in community service is stellar. She has been involved in homeschool day, open houses, mini-visits, and the Science and Technology Fair. Nichole has provided a huge behind-the-scenes effort to make the College look its best.”

Barb DavisDavis was honored for her “commitment to Alfred State College [which] is observed through her professional approach to all matters for superior service to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Barb goes above and beyond her normal work duties and keeps the Wellsville Campus running smoothly. Her excellence with all departments and endless activities occurring along with her continuing smile are all definite assets to the campus. Her creative and innovative ideas make her a valuable team player. She coordinates the Taste of Wellsville and Skills (college level) Competitions. These are two very difficult tasks and without Barb’s organizational abilities and people skills, these would not be as successful as they have been. We are proud to have Barb as one of our leaders on the Wellsville Campus.”

Carolyn PrattPratt’s nomination read, in part: “Carolyn has been a cleaner at Alfred State College for just over 20 years, but along with being a cleaner she was also a friend. She befriended the students that were in the dorm with her. Not only was she their friend she also was a motherly figure for some that just needed to have a mom present. She was someone that the students and her fellow employees could rely on and trust. She continues today to dress up on Halloween just to have fun with the students and co-workers. Carolyn now maintains the Pioneer Center and helps at Orvis. Carolyn is never dull and she never complains – she gets the job done! Carolyn is much appreciated for the things she does and is a proud deserver of this award.”

Deborah NeuNeu’s nomination noted that “Deb has been a member of the Financial Aid Office for 24 years and has worked her way up to the Secretary I position over that time. Deb is the perfect example of excellence in her career here at Alfred State College. She is a role model for others and is clearly respected and looked to for guidance. She willingly shares her years of knowledge with new employees and often provides training sessions and refresher updates. Deb is the first one in the office to go above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of the students and the office. With the knowledge that she has acquired over the years and the contacts she has made, it is not unusual to have a line at her door of staff and students looking for help. She is a shining star and we are proud to honor her with this award.”