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ASC to Host High School Student Leadership Training Program

ASC to Host High School Student Leadership Training Program

One of the new programs to emerge from Alfred State College’s Student Leadership Institute is a high school leadership training program. Scheduled for Monday-Friday, Aug. 1-5, from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. daily, this training program will provide hands-on leadership training for interested 9-12 graders and recent high school graduates.

Alfred State’s commitment to project-based learning with its undergraduates serves as a framework for this hands-on training program for young adults who wish to learn how to lead, resolve conflict, and inspire others.

“We know that leaders are made and not born,” states Dr. Steven Tyrell, vice president for Student Affairs at Alfred State. “However, we often wait too long in a person’s experience before we provide them with real life applications to effectively lead others. We also see examples of where young people stand up and take charge of situations, lead others through difficult times, and make a difference in the lives of others. When you learn more about these young people, you come to understand that they had accessed those leadership training resources society so often waits to give others until later in life. We have an opportunity and an obligation to put those skills in young adults’ hands now. This program brings these leadership skills to program participants!”

Participants will learn skills they can immediately use in the high school setting, with friends, and in preparation for life after high school, whether they are college-bound or seek employment. One of the additional benefits of this leadership program is that many of the training sessions include important skill sets that participants can also use to market themselves in the future. For instance, if they wish to apply for a resident assistant position in College or lead a civic engagement project in their community, they will be prepared to “hit the ground running,” making a difference in the lives of others.

Through fun, “hands-on” training sessions, participants will learn how to facilitate effective teams, understand and resolve conflict, lead others, work in cross-cultural settings, and discover their preferred choices for making a difference in the lives of others. All topics are presented in a manner by which participants will get a chance to immediately apply what they learn. Many face-to-face simulation activities will be used in the program and none involve the use of an Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation!

High school students who complete our program should be able to readily step into a leadership role in high school, college, or workforce settings where they can more fully consider ethical issues and weigh possible civic-minded goals associated with leading others (e.g., as a team captain, class government officer, club officer, manager).

The program will be facilitated by Tyrell and Matt Ryan, director of Student Affairs. Tyrell and Ryan have conducted over 300 training sessions and leadership workshops through their professional careers.

The High School Student Leadership Program fee is $50. There is also an additional $50 charge for lunch and snacks for those participants who choose to not bring their own lunches. Space is limited to the first 25 students who sign up for the program. To register for this program, please call (607) 587-3911, the Office of Student Affairs at Alfred State College!