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ASC Employees Honored With Pioneer Award

ASC Employees Honored With Pioneer Award

President Dr. John M. Anderson, center, congratulates, l-r: Piotrowski, Coombs, Petrilli, and ConklinSeveral Alfred State College faculty and staff members were honored recently as recipients of the Pioneer Award which recognizes those members of the organization who demonstrate the following characteristics: commitment to the mission and goals of the college, meaningful and measurable positive impact on the college, role modeling, and a high level of performance.

The award carries with it prize money of $225 for each recipient. This year’s winners included Student Records & Financial Services.

Piotrowski’s nomination read, in part: “Tim expressed interest in the pilot program, Faculty in Residence (FIR) in Burdick Hall, and from that point took the lead in forming this position into the asset it is today. In conjunction with the FIR program, a new Living and Learning Community was also formed in Burdick Hall. Tim ‘hit the ground running’ by, not only meeting, but exceeding the goals set for the program, including student retention, engaging students in their residence hall community, and helping students to become better acquainted with faculty outside of the classroom setting.”

Coombs’ nomination noted, in part: “Lisa is responsible for the two largest departments on campus. She accomplishes seemingly impossible assignments in time, under budget, and with a smile. Lisa works well with faculty, concerned parents, and confused students. She juggles her responsibilities with ease, spent hours overseeing the renovation of the commuter lounge in SDC, and organizes the Composition 1503 final examination from start to finish; every year our efficiency increased because of her incredible organizational and problem solving skills. Lisa maintains confidentiality, treats everyone with respect, and is especially patient and understanding with students in difficulty.

Cline’s nomination read, in part: “Glen is very thorough and meticulous in his responsibilities. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and is not often far from his work. Most recently this was evidenced in a trip to a coffee shop where he met a man who removes silos. Alfred State had recently had an estimate for $170,000 to remove old silos from the college farm. After speaking with this man, Glen was able to get the silos removed for less than $30,000, saving the college nearly $150,000. This is not the first time Glen’s diligence saved the college time, money, or both, but it may be the first time a cup of coffee saved the college $150,000!”

Petrilli’s nomination read, in part:Chris is a very dedicated employee and supervisor. She is always positive and always seeking the very best for the college whether it be in choosing good employees, encouraging those under her, or finding better ways and equipment to do the job. Chris has put in many years of wonderful service. She treats her employees fairly and is a true role model.”

Conklin’s nomination read, in part: “Sue has been a valuable asset to the Student Records & Financial Services Office since November 2000. She works exceptionally well with students and her peers. She is always helpful and willing to assist students and parents no matter how busy she is. Sue is always calm and patient even during crazy busy registration time! She goes the extra mile to help the person she is waiting on and as well as her co-workers. Because of her wealth of knowledge and years of experience she has become the department’s go-to-person. Sue is always sure to tell her co-workers that they do a good job which in turn promotes a positive atmosphere. There is always a smile on her face which goes great with her sense of humor. It is her dedication not only to the college but to her co-workers all over campus that she deserves this Pioneer Award.”