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Course Registration

Course Registration

Before you can register for classes, you must first pay your enrollment deposit.

For online students entering the following programs: Court and Real-time Reporting, Technology Management, Health Information Technology, Coding and Reimbursement, and Health Care Management, please locate the link for your major in the list of orientation curriculum sheets below. This document contains your required first semester courses. Please contact your academic advisor or department chair if a curriculum sheet is not listed for your major or if you are a transfer student. They will assist you in choosing appropriate classes if you need assistance and can provide you with your registration pin number.

If you are an Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP) student, please be sure to choose the ASOP curriculum sheet. The ASOP program is an extended program offered to students who show potential for success but whose academic background has not prepared them for the rigors of their chosen program. If you are unsure whether or not you are an ASOP student, your student type can be found in BannerWeb by clicking on the "Student Services & Financial Aid" menu, then the "Student Records" menu, and the "Student Information" link. Your student type will contain the word "ASOP" if you are an ASOP student.

Directions on how to Web register can be found on the BannerWeb home page prior to entering the Secure Area. Click on “Registration Information,” then you will be on the “How to Web Register" page. You must register for the correct amount of credit hours (e.g., 0-11 part-time, 12-19 full-time) to be billed appropriately. Should you have questions about your major/courses, please contact your academic department chair.

For first-time students in programs other than those listed above, your first semester classes will be scheduled for you and you will receive a copy of your schedule at orientation. If you have transfer or advanced placement credit and you have previously sent official transcripts/scores, please do so as soon as possible to ensure you are registered for the appropriate courses.

Orientation Curriculum Sheets


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