Le Nguyen

Le Nguyen
Construction management

What stood out to Le was the fact that [Alfred State] is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

While researching construction management majors offered in New York State, Le Nguyen became very impressed with Alfred State’s program.

What stood out to Le was all the hands-on learning experience the program offers, and the fact that it is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). After learning all this, Le was convinced that Alfred State was the right college for her.

Le loves that her program offers so many opportunities for gaining real-world knowledge and experience.

“My program has a lot of hands-on activities and that’s the thing I was looking for in a program. Also, we take a lot of field trips where a professor will bring us to a site to get to know more about construction.”

The professors, as well as the students, have been very friendly and supportive, Le says.

“Coming here, I have met a lot of amazing people.”

One summer after enrolling at Alfred State, Le interned at a construction company in Vietnam and was able to apply what she had learned in her program.

“I realized that a lot of things I have learned at school could apply to the job.”

With so much valuable knowledge and experience gained, Le believes that Alfred State is helping her to construct a bright future for herself.

“I would say that Alfred State has helped prepare me very well for my career.”