Dalan Ealy

Delan Ealy at robotic milker
Agricultural automation and robotics

Dalan has been able to further his education through an internship thanks to his professors.

Enrolling in Alfred State’s agricultural automation and robotics program just made sense for Dalan Ealy. He grew up on a farm and had a strong interest in robotics, after all.

Dalan loves that his program, which is the only one of its kind in the United States, offers plenty of hands-on learning experiences with automated milking equipment. He also likes that his program has small class sizes and covers a wide variety of subjects due to the combination of agriculture and engineering.

“Classes are always changing. You could have an electrical and mechanical class at 8 a.m. and that afternoon you have an animal lab. You’re never on the same subject or the same variation of a subject.”

In addition to his experiences in classrooms and labs, Dalan has also been able to further his education through an internship at Cidec LLC, a cutting-edge dairy milking equipment company, thanks to his professors.

“It was great to get that experience.”

With so many great opportunities for hands-on learning, small class sizes, and a variety of courses, it’s no wonder that Dalan strongly recommends his major to interested students.

"It’s a great program.”