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COVID-19 Dashboard

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Alert level descriptions are below.
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Since Aug.1, 2020
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COVID-19 Testing Since Aug. 1, 2020


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 COVID-19 Response
  Local Medical Centers - GREEN
1 ASC cases in need of hospitalization
Adequate bed capacity available in hospitals
Area U of R hospitals include the new St. James in Hornell opened March 2020, Jones Memorial in Wellsville, and Noyes Health in Dansville. ECMC is within three minutes of the Northland campus.
  Quarantine - GREEN
students in quarantine on-campus
students in quarantine off campus
ASC has reserved Getman Hall with 53 beds for on-campus quarantine. The college also has the ability to designate additional suites or entire residence halls that should be placed in precautionary quarantine as needed. 
  Isolation - GREEN
students in isolation on campus
students in isolation off campus
Four townhouses with 24 beds are reserved for on-campus isolation.
  Contact Tracing - GREEN
In coordination with the Allegany County Department of Health and other DOH offices that may be related to a case. ASC Health and Wellness initiates contact tracing for students and Human Resources works with employees.
Contact the ASC COVID-19 Hotline at 607-587-2619 or for more info.

COVID-19 Alert Level Descriptions

Normal Operations

Cases remain below 3% positivity on rolling 14-day average.

Elevated Risks

3% plus positivity rate on 14-day rolling average

  • Campus reduces scale or ceases student activities (programs, events)
  • Athletics program activity restricted or suspended
  • Greek Life activity restricted or suspended
  • Expansion of testing
  • Restrictions on all guests in residence halls
  • Campus visitation reduced or suspended
  • Limited seating (e.g., tables for two) in dining operations

Disrupted Operations

5% positivity rate on 14-day rolling average

  • Mandatory shelter in place for students with food delivered to residence halls or grab-and-go only (no in-person dining)
  • Select non-essential staff directed to telecommute
  • Switch to remote learning (with potential exceptions

Variables Used to Evaluate the Alert Level

Internal, on campus variables that influence alert level:

  • Severity of cases among population; this will be measured against our isolation housing capacity 
  • Significant increases in overall positivity rate as identified through pool testing / surveillance monitoring; this will be measured as  > 5% community infection of student population positive tests (COVID-19 test and weekly surveillance monitoring results)
  • Depletion of suitable PPE and inability to procure replacement supplies

External, regional variables that influence alert level:

  • Issuance of an order to close from NYS / SUNY; this is measured by region with specific metrics for hospital bed availability and infection rate
  • Reduced regional health care service availability/bed space in our own local hospitals in Hornell or Wellsville
  • Significant increases in confirmed positive test results at Alfred University or in the Alfred village/town community surrounding the campus

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