Culinary Arts Department Student Requirements

Culinary Arts Department Student Requirements

Classroom/Lab Accessories

  • Textbooks (you may visit the Wellsville Campus Store's website at for prices and ISBN numbers)
  • Probe thermometer
  • Laptop - shop online
  • Decorating tips, 2 Wilton 1M, 1 Wilson 4B, and an 804.(baking student only)
  • Silicone baking mat approximately 16 1/2" x 25" (baking students)


The Culinary Arts Department, in cooperation with our campus bookstore at Alfred State, have made available specially imprinted chef coats for culinary arts and baking students to wear while attending classes and lab. We are requiring students have ten (10) long-sleeved chef coats, four (4) pairs of black chef pants, four (4) black skull caps and two (2) Alfred State polo shirt/s. You will be receiving a letter from the Campus Store during the summer with details of methods for purchasing these uniforms. When you receive this information, it is important that you order as soon as possible to assure you have the uniforms for the first day of class.

The department has a contracted laundry service and student participation is mandatory. This allows one set of uniforms to be professionally cleaned while the other set is in use by the student. The cost is projected to be $60 per student per semester and will be included in your tuition bill.

We require plain, white undergarments to be worn under uniforms. Non-porous, black, non-skid work shoes are required - no sneakers.

Dining Room Service (both baking & culinary arts students)

  • Student may use the Alfred State polo shirt/s and black slacks included in the uniform package above.
  • Lab shoes can be used as long as they are clean.


All students in the Culinary Arts Department must pay for one meal each day through a 5-day meal plan.