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The leadership minor exposes students to existing courses and experiential credits (internship or practicum experiences) at Alfred State that focus on and/or include leadership topics. One of the single greatest determining factors of college and workplace success is the ability to be a highly effective leader. Leadership skills are valued and respected and have become increasingly pursued in the workforce. The Leadership Minor provides students with essential leadership qualities and principles that will enhance and solidify success both in the classroom and the workplace.

The Leadership Minor, requiring a flexible 15 hours of credit, will:

  • introduce students to civic-leadership opportunities;
  • provide a comprehensive group of learning experiences that will complement and enrich all academic programs;
  • offer a valuable skill set to boost student marketability, while providing supplementary productivity and an increase in their ability to set and exceed workplace goals and objectives;
  • strive to continually raise the bar and provide the community, state and nation with the next generation of remarkable leaders who will leave a mark of effectiveness, efficiency and distinction in their wake.

The minor is comprised of required existing courses listed below.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours   Prerequisite
EPLP 1031 Social Change & Leadership 1   None
EPLP 2032 Servant Leadership 2   EPLP 1031
EPLP 5033 Personal Leadership & Citizenship 3   EPLP 1031 & EPLP 2032
  Internships, Practicums, or
Experiential Directed Study
6 - 12   Degree Program Chair Approval
  Electives 0 -3   Degree Program
  Total Number of Credit Hours 15    

With advisement, select the remaining credits from the following list:

*BUAD 5003 Management Communications   *BUAD 5013 Principles of Leadership
*HUSR 5003 Community Organizations   PSYC 1013 General Psychology
PSYC 1033 Human Relations   PSYC 1053 Introduction to Social Psychology
*PSYC 5103 Industrial/Organizational Psychology   SOCI 1163 General Sociology
*SPCH 5083 Communication in the Workplace   *BUAD 7273 Organizational Behavior

* Requires a pre-requisite course

The concentration must be completed with:

  • an overall GPA of 2.5 in all courses in the minor taken at Alfred State SUNY College of Technology.
  • a minimum of 1 course (3 credit hours) must be completed at Alfred State.
  • all courses in the minor may be used for the major.

For complete details, please contact the Business department chair at 607-587-3413.

Minor Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the evolution of leadership theory, the variety of theories in practice, and how to apply theory appropriately, as demonstrated through involvement in bettering the campus community
  2. Explore the different understandings of citizenship, including how the Social Change Model conceptualizes it (Citizenship).
  3. Critically analyze communities of which students are part through the lens of citizenship.
  4. Identify the power that students possess as an individual, and recognize ways that they employ that power in a group or organization to influence change.
  5. Describe what a change agent is and how students can become one through the implementation and practice of the Social Change Model
  6. Apply leadership knowledge through exploration and attainment of professional position related to their field of study.
  7. Articulate the importance of and the practice of ongoing leadership development and lifelong learning.