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High School Challenge Program Overview

High School Challenge Program Overview

Project Tracks

There are projects developed for three tracks where Alfred State faculty can work with technology teachers:

    • Middle School
    • High School Technology
    • High School Engineering

Applied Projects

The projects include plans, material lists, specifications, and typically, digital video. Projects have been developed to include sufficient information for implementation in the classroom. Alfred State faculty and High School Technology Teacher Partners are available to assist in this implementation via telephone and in person, when available.

Project Journals

We encourage students to develop a journal that can integrate science, math, English, engineering, and technology concepts in these projects.

The journals also can show how critical thinking is developed through the project steps and the science, math, engineering, and technology concepts that were used. Communication skills and English can be developed in the documentation and the journal. Photos and digital images of the project process are also encouraged.

High School and College Faculty Interaction

The interaction of high school and middle school faculty with college faculty will assist in the development of connections for career paths for students. This includes assisting students to identify a program of study for college.

Working with various faculty, both at the high school and college, will also assist in developing teamwork and the integration of science, math, English, engineering, and technology concepts.

These activities are ways to engage students in applied projects that will explain how subjects in high school relate to both college and the world of work. The projects are developed to both be engaging and entertaining.