700 Examinations

Updated Feb. 7, 2019


701 Final Week Activities and Schedule

701.1 A final exam matrix will be created for the final exam period during the 15th week of each semester.  A course may have a required two-hour final meeting scheduled during the final exam period.

701.2 All instructors are expected to prepare an appropriate final activity that reflects the academic goals of the course. A department or instructor may choose to hold a final exam, review, critiques of papers, course summations, individual presentations or demonstrations, etc.

701.3 Instructors may not change the scheduled date and time or extend the time scheduled of their final class period. Group exams for multiple section courses may be requested no later than the previous semester. A request to cancel, revise, or significantly abbreviate the 14th week class session must be made in writing and approved in advance by the Dean.

701.4 When a student is scheduled for more than two examinations on one day during the final examination period, the student may request rescheduling one of the examinations. The student should attempt to work this out in a mutually agreeable way with her/his course instructors. If the student is unable to resolve the problem, the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee will make a decision on which examination the student will be allowed to take on another day.