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Community Impact

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com•mu•ni•ty, noun (pl. -ties)

(the community) the people of a district or country considered collectively, esp. in the context of social values and responsibilities; society

For more than a century, Alfred State has maintained civic engagement and hands-on learning as two cornerstones of our college culture. It’s who we are. And with our focus on learning by doing, we understand that our potential for impact—both economically and culturally—is vast. That’s why you’ll find so many of our students, faculty, and staff out in local communities every day, volunteering, sharing their knowledge, and seeking partnerships. Alfred State continues to expand and nurture its mutually beneficial and supportive relationships with local businesses, organizations, and government agencies because we believe the benefits of higher education shouldn’t live solely in the classroom and shouldn’t end at our gates. And we know our students can learn so much more from living and doing in the world outside than they can from sitting in a lecture.

The links to the left are just a few of the ways the Alfred State family invests in the future of the communities it touches.