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Welker, Paul M


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EPLP Mentor
Paul Welker (Harmony, Belief, Communication, Responsibility, Consistency) tries to be on the move as much as possible. As Alfred State’s sports information director, you can find him in the press box, at the scores table, or taking pictures at all Pioneer home events (he even makes a few appearances on road trips as well). A father of two energetic youngsters, he loves to hang out with his kids as much as possible whether it is exploring the zoo, reading books, or just cuddle time. An avid runner; you will see him heading out at lunch time for a mid-day run at least a few times each week and on the weekends, you might see him training for one of his longer races. A graduate of Mercyhurst with a degree in sport marketing, he always wanted to get into professional sports but fell in love with the college atmosphere right after graduating. Paul is a former college baseball pitcher who volunteers his time with the local collegiate baseball team, the Hornell Dodgers. He enjoys being busy and likes to put smiles on the faces of others.