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Stafford, Janice L


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English and Humanities
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Hunter Student Development Center
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EPLP Mentor
Janice Stafford (Positivity, Learner, Includer, Woo, Developer) is an assistant professor in the Department of English and Humanities and teaches Freshman Composition, Introduction to Literature and Children’s Literature. She was born and raised in Elmira, New York, and graduated from SUNY Cortland (BA) and the Ohio State University (MA). She and her family are rabid OSU football fans, so don’t come near her wearing University of Michigan apparel. She has been known to make students turn their Michigan shirts inside out.

Janice and her husband Jim have two daughters: Jillian and Megan. Jillian will be returning to school in the fall (2014) at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio, where she will work toward her second BS (Biology) en route to a Masters in Human Nutrition. Megan also lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she is a production designer for an advertising firm. Megan and her husband Kevin, a high school orchestra director, have two sons: Ewan, age 3 and Weston, age 3 weeks. Ewan is, of course, handsome, brilliant, and totally amazing. His little brother is expected to be equally as spectacular. When she is not teaching English, Janice often helps at her husband’s optometry office in Dansville since she is a licensed optician. She enjoys helping patients choose their glasses and is adept at repairing the mangled spectacles often presented at the office. She routinely carries a small screw driver and extra screws to do small eyeglass repairs on campus.

When she retires, at age 80, Janice hopes to get a job at Disney World: the happiest place on earth and her favorite vacation spot. In the meantime, she likes to visit Mickey and his friends as often as possible.