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Quinn, Brian

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Assistant Professor
English and Humanities
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Hunter Student Development Center
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EPLP Mentor
Brian Quinn (Learner, Adaptability, Positivity, Strategic, Intellection) is a house painter and bank robber from Long Island who obviously ought to charge higher rates for his painting (here’s really a very good house painter) instead of supplementing his income. He is not, he's happy to say, THAT Brian Quinn, whose current address is in care of the New York State Corrections Department. Nor is he the Brian Quinn who writes for the Wellsville newspaper. He is the Brian Quinn who took the StrengthsQuest survey and who came to Alfred State in January 2011 to teach writing and literature. He guesses the people who designed that StrengthsQuest survey must know what they’re doing, because, to start with, he is a learner. He earned his doctorate in 2010, 39 years after receiving a BA from Lake Forest College. Brian spent most of those almost four decades working at a variety of jobs, most of which required him to learn new skills. He is also, as per qs, highly adaptable. Since 1971 he has worked as the manager of the Boston branch of FAO Schwarz Toys; as a full-time proofreader for the Free Press; as a part-time radio news assistant for WYEP in Pittsburgh; as a PR man for Mr. Rogers; as a part- time statistician for the Pittsburgh Pirates; as a soundman for Television Production Center, which produced Pittsburgh Steeler football games; as assistant manager to a bookstore in Evanston, Illinois; as the inventory control manager for a warehouse in the Bronx; as a production editor for Elsevier journals, Macmillan Publishers, and Random House; as the editor of The News of New York and New York Doctor and book review editor of the New York State Journal of Medicine; as Director of Communications for the Medical Society of the State of New York; as Public Relations man for Subaru automobiles; as the Director of Communications for Cancer Research Institute; as Grants Officer for Molloy College; as the Major Gifts Officer for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; and as VP of the Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation. During those years he also was a consultant for (among others) Congressman Robert Mrazek; the NHL; the Hagedorn Little Village School for Autistic Children; the New York State Chapter of the American Lung Association; the Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island; the Long Island Crisis Center; the Minnesota Wild; and the USA Fitness Corps. All those jobs involved learning, but they also very often involved teaching and so at age 50 he headed back to college to earn a masters and then a doctorate from St. John’s University. Brian is the father of three grown sons, Jacob, Casey, and Ethan. He has published short stories and many articles on many topics. Brian has ghost-written two autobiographies, and has written speeches for the founder of Genentech, for several Congressmen, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dr. John L. Clowe, former president of the American Medical Association. Through his work as a writer, he has interviewed and written about the Mamas & Papas, Billy Idol, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and other musicians. In the political world he has interviewed former President Bill Clinton, Senators Kirsten Gillenbrand, Charles Schumer, Robert Menendez, John Boozman, and Orrin Hatch; Congressmen Charles Rangel, John Lewis, Rush Holt, Steve Israel, Gregory Meeks, and Floyd Flake; Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Nydia Valezquez, and Carolyn Maloney. Brian has had lunch with Caroline Kennedy and (a different time) with Hank Aaron – both times he picked up the check. He interviewed President George H. W. Bush’s official physician Burton J. Lee III in the White House. He has spoken with Nobel Prize winning scientists and Pulitzer Prize winning authors. In his youth, he was on the Howdy Doody Show and was at the original 1969 Woodstock. He has fun doing all the things he does. Brian loves a good joke, a good story, and a good cup of coffee.