Fuller, Rhema C

Email: FullerRC@alfredstate.edu
Department: Business
Office Location:EJ Brown Hall
Office Phone: 607-587-3464


Dr. Fuller (Assistant Professor of Sport Management) is in his third year at Alfred State.  A former Division I football player, two-time All-Big East selection and Draddy Trophy finalist (awarded to the nation’s top scholar-athlete), Dr. Fuller graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Ph.D in Sport Management.  In addition, Dr. Fuller possesses a Master’s degree in Sport Management and a Bachelor degree in Finance.  Prior to coming to Alfred State, he served as an instructor at the University of Connecticut.

Teaching Overview

Dr. Fuller teaches the following courses at Alfred State:

  • Intro to Sports Management (SPMG 1123)
  • Sport in Society (SPMG 2003)
  • Field Experience I (SPMG 3001) and II (SPMG 4001)
  • Professional Business Seminar (TMGT 5001)
  • Sport Business and Finance (SPMG 5003)
  • Licensing and Endorsements (SPMG 6013)
  • Event Promotions and Sales (SPMG 6023)
  • Pre-Internship Seminar (SPMG 7001)
  • Internship (SPMG 8112)

Professional Experience

In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Fuller possesses “real world” experience as he has worked for intercollegiate and community sport organizations.  Dr. Fuller worked in the University of Michigan’s Athletic Department – specifically in the Sport Marketing Department.  Moreover, Dr. Fuller worked as a program coordinator for Husky Sport, a community sport program.  As program coordinator, he was responsible for the administration of a sport-based youth development program for adolescent males (ages 9-13) in the inner city of Hartford.  Currently, Dr. Fuller serves as Alfred State’s NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative.  Among his duties, he serves as a consultant to the athletic department on matters of compliance, institutional control and student-athlete well-being.


Recent Scholarly Activities:

Fuller, R.D. (in press). Race in Pads and Race in Class?: An Examination of Perceptions of Stereotypes and Racial Discrimination among African American Male College Athletes. Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 7, 190 - 209.

Fuller, R.D. Percy, V.E., Bruening J.E., & Cotrufo, R.J., (in press). Positive Youth Development: Minority Male Participation in a Sport-Based After-School Program in an Urban Environment. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Science.

Bruening, J.E., Cotrufo, R.J., Fuller, R.D., Madsen, R.M., Wilson-Hill, D., (accepted). Applying Intergroup Contact Theory to the Sport Management Classroom. Sport Management Education Journal.

Martin, B.E., Harrison, C.K., Fuller, R.D. (accepted).“Eagles don’t fly with sparrows” Self-determination theory (SDT), African American male scholar-athletes and peer group influences on motivation. Journal of Negro Education.

Stadler Blank, A., Sweeney, K., Fuller, R.D. (2013).Room for Growth in American Professional Sports: The Value of Appealing to a Diverse Audience. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Austin, TX. May 2013.

Bruening, J.E., Fuller, R.D., Percy, V.E. (2013). A Multilevel Analysis of the Lifespan of the Campus-Community Partnership: From Initiation to Restructuring. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Austin, TX. May 2013.

Fuller, R.D. (2012). A tipping point?  The impact of stereotypes and racial discrimination on the academic outcomes of African American male college athletes.  Paper presented the CSRI Scholarly Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC. April 2012.

Bruening, J.E., Madsen, R.M., Fuller, R.D., Wilson-Hill, D., & Cotrufo, R.J.  (2011). Applying Intergroup Contact Theory to the Sport Management Classroom. Symposium at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, London, Ontario, Canada. June 2011.


Other Information

Getting to Know Dr. Fuller:

Q: What is your favorite class to teach?
A: I enjoy teaching a variety of courses but one class that stands out is Sport in Society (SPMG 2003). This class lets us (me and the students) explore sport as a social institution in our society. This always leads to interesting discussions, and I get to learn a lot about my students – about their family, friends, where they grew up, etc.

Q: What do you like best about Alfred State?
A: I like that I’m able to get to know my students on a personal level. Our classes aren’t large lectures, so I get to know my students beyond just a name and a face. Having smaller classes allows me to get to know them on a personal level.

Q: Why did you choose Alfred State?
A: I saw Alfred State’s Sport Management Program as a sleeping giant. I saw Alfred State had one of the most comprehensive curriculums in the nation and that the entire college, from the President on down, was in support of growing the program. I wanted to be a part of that.

Q: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice during your freshman year in college what would you say?
A: That’s a good question. I would tell myself to manage my time well so as not to get behind academically because that’s what happened. I’d stay up late and then miss my morning classes. As a result, I did poorly on my first exams; that was a real wake up call. I had to work hard to get my grades up, but I wouldn’t have been in that situation if I had just managed my time well. I would tell myself that it’s okay to have fun in college but to make sure that I’m taking care of first things first – and that’s academics and getting a degree.

Q: If you could have a superpower what would it be?
A: Telepathy and telekinesis – the powers that Jean Grey (X-Men) has when she turns into the Phoenix.

Q: What are you favorite television shows?
A: The Wire, The Office, Friday Night Lights and Seinfeld.

Q: Describe yourself in three words or fewer.
A: Unorthodox but effective.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: I enjoy spending time with my wife and playing golf and fantasy football.  I'm not very good at golf but I enjoy the challenge it brings.  

Q: What are some embarrassing things about Dr. Fuller?
A: I’ve watched more Grey’s Anatomy episodes than I can remember and I’ve seen most of the Twilight movies.

Q: What is a little known Dr. Fuller fact?
A: I’ve lived in nine different states: Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, Colorado, California, Florida, Connecticut, Michigan and New York.