Burns, Lawrence E

Email: burnsle@alfredstate.edu
Department: Mathematics and Physics
Office Location:Hunter Student Development Center
Office Phone: 607-587-4274


1976-SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Master of Science in Engineering
Thesis topic: Interactive Computer Graphic Solutions to Problems of Fluid Flow in Anisotropic Media

1967-Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science

1965-SUNY Alfred, Alfred, NY
Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Science

Teaching Overview
  • Fundamentals of Math (Remedial Course)
  • General Statistics I
  • Technical Calculus I, III, IV
  • Calculus I, III
  • Differential Equations
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics I, II
  • General Physics I, II
  • College Physics I, II
  • University Physics I, II
  • Physics for Engineering and Science I, II, III
  • Modern Physics
  • World Energy Resources
  • Analytical Mechanics I, II

Professional Experience

1968-present   Alfred StateCollege, Alfred, NY

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor(2006-present)

Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1995-2006)

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1980-1995)

Assistant Professor of Physics (1972-1980)

Instructor of Physics (1968-1972)


1973-1977 Southern Tier Industrial Consultants, Alfred, NY

  • Part time design engineer in private geotechnical engineering consulting firm
  • Responsible for the initial design of small commercial buildings
  • Collaborated with Army Corp of Engineers to design Rubble Mound Revetments for shoreline erosion protection on Lake Ontario

1970  Great Western Wine Company, Hammondsport, NY

  • Part-time quality control chemist
  • Worked weekends during the pressing season in the quality control lab
  • Chemically analyzed new wines as they fermented to protect against spoilage

1967-1968   Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

  • Applied Analyst, Computer Services Division of Research and Development
  • Assisted with the development of computer programs, which used finite element analysis, to solve strain deformation problems for complicated structures
  • Assisted Kodak engineers with the design of structures that supported large mirrors in the photo sub-system of spy satellites


  GRANT EXPERIENCE                                                                   

1991-2001 Dwight D. Eisenhower Grants

  • Recipient, DDE grant funds for 10 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding approximately $500,000
  • Majority of grant funds were used to acquire physics lab equipment and Computer and Calculator-Based Laboratory Interface Systems to be used in high school physics teacher workshop programs
  • High school physics teachers and elementary school teachers were taught to use creative inquiry based teaching methods to improve the quality of science instruction
  • Physics and elementary school teachers from over 20 different public school systems were involved in this project
  • Attended project director seminars (summarizing current research findings for best practices in teaching science and math) each year for 10 consecutive years
  • Attended two GESA (Generating Expectations for Student Achievement) training seminars (2000 & 2001) to become a certified GESA facilitator

1996-1998   New York State Education Department Grants

  • Recipient, MAP (Math Alert Project) grant funds for 3 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding: $35,000
  • Funds were used to acquire TI Graphing Calculators and provide high school math teachers with instruction on how to incorporate constructivist methods in mathematics in their classroom instruction
  • High school math teachers from 15 different school systems were involved in this project

1997-1998 SUNY Tech Sector Grant

  • Recipient, State University of New York (Colleges of Technology Sector) grant funds
  • Total grant funding: $45,000
  • Funds were used to upgrade faculty computers and equip a 30 station computer lab with both hardware and software to run Academic Systems (a new remedial math program)
  • This was a cooperative effort among the five SUNY Colleges of Technology

1972-1975 National Science Foundation Grant

  • Recipient, NSF grant funds for 3 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding: $21,851
  • Funds were used to acquire computer hardware and support the development of educational software using IBM's APL programming language
  • SUNY Alfred was one of 14 SUNY colleges involved in this consortium

Honors and Awards

2006    Promotion to SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

1996    State University of New York Chancellor's Award for
             Excellence in Teaching

1973   State University of New York Computer Consortium Award

  • One of two members of an NSF funded consortium, consisting of 14 SUNY Colleges and Universities, selected to receive this award
  • Award was based on the quality and amount of interactive computer software developed to promote interactive computing as an educational tool for classroom instruction
  • Award consisted of an all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend the 1973 international conference on APL applications


  Professional Activity

  • Department Chairman, Math/Physics Department (1997-2000)
  • Recipient, Dwight D. Eisenhower Grants (1991-2001)
  • Recipient, State Education Department Math Alert Grants (1996-1998)
  • Recipient, SUNY Tech Sector Development Grant (1997-1998)
  • Facilitator, GESA training seminar for new faculty orientation (2001)
  • Facilitator, GESA training seminar for Wellsville Central School (2002)
  • Course coordinator, Calculus III and Differential Equations (1995-present)
  • Member, Departmental Committee for Revising Calculus III and Differential Equation Courses (1995-present)
  • Member, Departmental Committee for Revising Technical Calculus III and IV Courses (1995-present)
  • Solely responsible for the revision of Advanced Engineering Mathematics I & II (1995-1996)
  • Participant, numerous NSF-sponsored conferences on reforming math and science education (1980-present)
  • Chairman, Departmental Committee for General Education Assessment (2003-present)
  • Developed new course entitled World Energy Resources (1975-1980)
  • Developed and Implemented laboratory component of Modern Physics Course (1975-1980)

Additional Department and University Service

  • Faculty Senator, Math/Physics Department (many times)
  • Proctor, Math Tutor Lab (1995-present)
  • Member, Middle States Periodic Review Report Team (2002-2004)
  • Chairman, Five-Year Review Committee for the Automotive Trades Department (2004)
  • Academic advisor, Undeclared Major Students (1995-present)
  • Academic Advisor, Engineering Science Students (1970-1985)
  • Academic Advisor, Engineering Science Club (1975-1980)
  • Member, Search Committee for Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
  • Member, Departmental Search Committees for hiring new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Search Committees for hiring new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Three Year Review Committee for new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Tenure Committee
  • Chairman, Alfred Academic Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Member, Alfred Academic Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Chairman, Student Conduct Committee
  • Member, Five Year Review Committee for Departmental Curriculum