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Leon . Buckwalter

Position Title: Associate Professor
Department: Building Trades
Office Location: School of Applied Technology
Office Phone: 607-587-3188

Alfred State College  1970    Construction Engineering Technology

Teaching Overview: 

Alfred State College, Building Trades    

Historic Preservation courses

General Building Trades courses

Masonry I and II

Professional Experience: 

Instructor, Building Trades Department, Alfred State College of Applied Technology     2003-Present           
Responsibilities include instruction of Senior level courses in Historic Preservation and carpentry, supervision of outside labs and projects, estimating and materials procurement, coordinating with other trades, development of curriculum materials, and creation and rewrites of courses both for in-house and on-line use.  

Director, Historic Restoration & Renovation Institute                                                                     2001-Present 
Responsible for the establishment and operation of the Historic Restoration & Renovation Institute, which was funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission.  The pilot grant was to investigate and develop initial coursework.  The second phase of this grant included implementation of that coursework.  Director was responsible for developing an advisory board that includes representatives from Cornell University, NYS OPRHP, architects, builders and union representatives.   The coursework has been developed for trades-related programs on the Applied Technology Campus and is being implemented.  The director is also responsible to become involved at the national level and is on the Boards of Directors, as Vice President of the Timber Framers Guild, the Preservation Trades Network, and the New York State Barn Coalition. Director is also active in the International Trades Education Initiative {ITEI}, a multi-disciplinary group looking at the present state of education in the Preservation Trades, and making recommendations for future actions and programs. 

Vice-President Timber Framers Guild                                                                                        2005-2007
The Timber Framers Guild is an international non-profit organization devoted to education in the craft of timber framing. There are roughly 2000 members world-wide, and an annual operating budget of approximately $800,000-900,000.

 Board of Directors- Timber Framers Guild                                                                                 2002-2007 

Board of Directors- New York State Barn Coalition                                                                   2002-2007 

Board of Directors- Preservation Trades Network                                                                      2003-2005  

Board of Directors- New York State Barn Coalition                                                                   2002-2007

Ischua Valley Timber Frames                                                                                                           1992-2001
Founder, Ischua Valley Timber Frames, completed first frame 1993 (5,000+ sq. ft., four valleys) Since 1993, the company has fabricated on average 2-5 timber frame homes yearly, while actively pursuing historic projects including covered bridges and king-post truss bridges, canal lock gates, a water-powered sawmill, water-and wind-powered gristmills, and a church steeple.  Several of these projects were commissioned by museums, or became part of properties on The National Register of Historic Places.  Projects include design process in consultation with the architect.  Services included developing of a list of timbers for purchase, arranging transportation, designing layout and fabricating joinery, ensuring efficient material handling and shop flow procedures, purchasing and/or fabricating tools and fixtures as required.  Completed components are shipped and assembled into a complete framework at the jobsite, and, if working locally, the project might be taken to completion. 

Performing Arts Theater, Purcellville, VA                                                                                                         1999                                                                   King’s Covered Bridge Stabilization, Somerset Co., PA Member of a team that included a landscaper architect, an engineer and a rigger/preservation expert that bid the design engineering and execution of a preservation plan for stabilizing the bridge until funds are allocated for amajor rebuild.                                                                                                                                 

Burnt Cabins Grist Mill Weigh Station, Fulton  County,  PA                                                                                         1997                                                             
 New timber-framed structure built above the original in ground scale, to  Be used in orienting visitors to the site.                                                

Linn Run Bridges, Westermoreland Co., PA                                                                                        1995                                                               
Construction manager on a project partially funded by the USDA Forest  Service’s Timber Bridge Initiative.  This was there only project using  native, non-manufactured timber and traditional techniques.  Groups suchas the Forest Service, National Park Service, PA State Parks, PA State Forests, Americorps, Youth Conservation Corps, and Loyalhanna Watershed  Association sent personnel to learn timber framing and how to integrate structures into the environment.  A local PBS affiliate filmed a documentaryfeaturing this project.                                                

Canal Lock-Gate Workshop, Toledo, OH                                                                                                           1993                                                

Guild-sponsored trip to St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                                   1993                                                               
Timber Framed addition to wooden-boat-building school

Self-Employed                                                                                                                                           1983-2001
General contracting, cabinet and millwork shop.  Full service Construction Company including new home construction, residential remodeling, light commercial, cabinetry and millwork.  Duties include sales, design, estimating, materials take-offs, sub-contractor supervising, billing, and all client/company contacts. Projects include conventional, timber frame, and log home construction, additions, remodeling, garages, and out buildings.  Specializing in kitchens and baths, custom cabinetry and built-ins, custom millwork for interior and exterior, furniture by commission.  This included all phases of construction including masonry, electrical, and plumbing.


USDA Forest Service funded research paper "The Effects of Time on the Longevity of the Linn Run Bridges"

Research on experimental techniques used in the construction of a pair of rail-trail bridges in the mountains of south-western Pennsylvania, using traditional materials and methods combined with modern pressure-treatment, borate preservatives, and innovative joinery designed to shed water rather than trapping it. Testing was performed with moisture meter, core-drilling, and visual methods to determine areas of excessive moisture and declining chemical retention.

Publications and Events: 

“TimberFraming”   The Journal of the Timber Framers Guild
March 2003    “In Appreciation of History”;    December 2003   “Zabludow Diary”

“Scantlings”    Newsletter of the Timber Framers Guild               
January 2005, “The End of Wood”; August-September 2005, “Doing Enclosures Right”; April 2006 
 â€œWorld Citizens”

“Effective Maintenance and Restoration”   NYS Barn Coalition Conference, Seneca Falls, NY            2005               
The Stabilization of King’s Covered Bridge”                                                                                          2003
1st National Conference- “Best Practices, Care, and Repair of Covered Bridges”  Burlington, VT. This multi-media presentation covered the history of the bridge, descriptions of the problems to be addressed, engineering issues and solutions, and procedures employed in the stabilizationof the 170 year-old bridge.                                                                                                        
“Sharpening Edge Tools”  International Preservation Trades Workshop Columbia, MD                         2003
“Timber Framing in the Early Settlements of New York State”    NYS Barn Coalition Conference       2002
“The Stabilization of King’s Covered Bridge”   Preservation Trades Network, Harrisburg, Pa.              2000


Chair of TFG Education Committee
Chair of TFG Membership Committee.
TFG Publications Committee              
TFG Conference Committee
TFG Curriculum Review Committee
Chair PTN Membership Committee
PTN Education Committee

Board of Directors, Vice President; Timber Framer Guild
Board of Directors, NYS Barn Coalition
Board of Directors, Preservation Trades Network