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Amman, Mark

Mark J Amman photo
Position Title: 
Professor & Chair
Physical and Life Sciences
Office Location: 
Physical and Health Sciences Bldg.
Office Phone: 

B.S. Biology/Chemistry - University of Pittsburgh

M.S. Nutrition - Pennsylvania State University

Professional Experience: 

1978-1981  Lecturer - Nutrition Department, Pennsylvania State University

1981-1983  Research Assitant - Poultry Science Department, Pennsylvania State University

1983-present  Professor/Chair - Physical and Life Sciences Department, Alfred State College


Influence of maternal zinc intake on subchronic subclinical lead toxicity in the suckling rat.

Influence of dietary calcium on copper homeostasis in the young chick.

Influence of calcium and calmodulin on cartilage vascularization in chickens and the development of tibial dyschondroplasia.

Effect of acid mine drainage on the South Fork of the Little Conemaugh River.

Water quality and aquatic life of oxbow lakes along the Mississippi River.