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Cowburn, Casey


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Academic Support Specialist
Student Success Center
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Hunter Student Development Center
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EPLP Mentor
Casey Cowburn (Restorative, Strategic, Learner, Ideation, Analytical) is an energetic, positive, competitive person looking to help others whenever possible. As a sports person and a coach at heart, it comes naturally to use sports analogies, lingo, and examples to explain a new topic, as well as motivate others to achieve higher goals than they believed were possible through motivational soliloquies. As a father of four beautiful children, Casey quickly learned patience and consistency are two of the most important qualities of success - the Tortoise and the Hair comes to mind. Casey received his Bachelor’s degree in English as well as his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Outside of traditional work hours Casey is someone who loves coaching the Alfred State Men’s Basketball team, teaching online writing courses, spending time with family and watching his favorite Boston sports team (especially the Boston Red Sox – Go Sox!). Also, when the weather is nice, Casey enjoys being outside, playing golf, coaching baseball and soccer, as well as watching his children tap into their passion for sports and competition.