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Dave Holmes

Position Title: Senior Staff Assistant
Department: Technology Services
Office Location: Hinkle Memorial Library
Office Phone: 607-587-3545
  • 2005 - AOS for Computer Repair / Electronic Systems Technology
Professional Experience: 
  • 2005 to present - Laptop Repair Technician at Alfred State College
  • 2005 to present - Sole Proprieter of Affordable Computer Service
  • 1986 - 2003 Purchasing Agent at various manufacturing facilities
  • Father of twin sons
  • Small Business Owner ("Affordable Computer Service")
  • Bass player and founder of the band Cross Roads
  • Bass player for the worship team at Genesis Bible Church
  • Editor of the Anti-Malware and Technician Utilities collections
  • Former member of the Alfred State College Faculty Senate


Honors and Awards: 
  • Certified HP Computer Repair Technician
  • Authorized Service Provider for Nexlink brand computers
  • CompTIA A+ certified
  • CompTIA Net+ certified
  • Microsoft Excel certified
  • Microsoft Word certified
  • CRLA Certified
  • SkillsUSA Award
  • Sigma Tau Epsilon Academic Distinction Award
  • Senior Academic Distinction Award

I was hired by Alfred State College to be the Laptop Repair Technician 3 months before I graduated with my AOS degree. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my instructors, Arlyn Smith and Ed Derowitsch (both retired) - thank you, gentlemen!

I owe an even larger debt of gratitude to my wife of over 20 years and my twin sons for their kind and loving patience with me while I went to school full-time while being unemployed. My wife pretty much raised our sons for the 2 years I was in school so I could concentrate on studying and earn my degree. I am unspeakably proud of them all and words can never relay the depth of my feelings for them.