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Lawrence E Burns

Position Title: Distinguished Teaching Professor: 10 Months
Department: Mathematics and Physics
Office Location: Hunter Student Development Center
Office Phone: 607-587-4274

1976-SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Master of Science in Engineering
Thesis topic: Interactive Computer Graphic Solutions to Problems of Fluid Flow in Anisotropic Media

1967-Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science

1965-SUNY Alfred, Alfred, NY
Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Science

Teaching Overview: 
  • Fundamentals of Math (Remedial Course)
  • General Statistics I
  • Technical Calculus I, III, IV
  • Calculus I, III
  • Differential Equations
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics I, II
  • General Physics I, II
  • College Physics I, II
  • University Physics I, II
  • Physics for Engineering and Science I, II, III
  • Modern Physics
  • World Energy Resources
  • Analytical Mechanics I, II
Professional Experience: 

1968-present   Alfred StateCollege, Alfred, NY

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor(2006-present)

Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1995-2006)

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics (1980-1995)

Assistant Professor of Physics (1972-1980)

Instructor of Physics (1968-1972)


1973-1977 Southern Tier Industrial Consultants, Alfred, NY

  • Part time design engineer in private geotechnical engineering consulting firm
  • Responsible for the initial design of small commercial buildings
  • Collaborated with Army Corp of Engineers to design Rubble Mound Revetments for shoreline erosion protection on Lake Ontario

1970  Great Western Wine Company, Hammondsport, NY

  • Part-time quality control chemist
  • Worked weekends during the pressing season in the quality control lab
  • Chemically analyzed new wines as they fermented to protect against spoilage

1967-1968   Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

  • Applied Analyst, Computer Services Division of Research and Development
  • Assisted with the development of computer programs, which used finite element analysis, to solve strain deformation problems for complicated structures
  • Assisted Kodak engineers with the design of structures that supported large mirrors in the photo sub-system of spy satellites

  GRANT EXPERIENCE                                                                   

1991-2001 Dwight D. Eisenhower Grants

  • Recipient, DDE grant funds for 10 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding approximately $500,000
  • Majority of grant funds were used to acquire physics lab equipment and Computer and Calculator-Based Laboratory Interface Systems to be used in high school physics teacher workshop programs
  • High school physics teachers and elementary school teachers were taught to use creative inquiry based teaching methods to improve the quality of science instruction
  • Physics and elementary school teachers from over 20 different public school systems were involved in this project
  • Attended project director seminars (summarizing current research findings for best practices in teaching science and math) each year for 10 consecutive years
  • Attended two GESA (Generating Expectations for Student Achievement) training seminars (2000 & 2001) to become a certified GESA facilitator

1996-1998   New York State Education Department Grants

  • Recipient, MAP (Math Alert Project) grant funds for 3 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding: $35,000
  • Funds were used to acquire TI Graphing Calculators and provide high school math teachers with instruction on how to incorporate constructivist methods in mathematics in their classroom instruction
  • High school math teachers from 15 different school systems were involved in this project

1997-1998 SUNY Tech Sector Grant

  • Recipient, State University of New York (Colleges of Technology Sector) grant funds
  • Total grant funding: $45,000
  • Funds were used to upgrade faculty computers and equip a 30 station computer lab with both hardware and software to run Academic Systems (a new remedial math program)
  • This was a cooperative effort among the five SUNY Colleges of Technology

1972-1975 National Science Foundation Grant

  • Recipient, NSF grant funds for 3 consecutive years
  • Total grant funding: $21,851
  • Funds were used to acquire computer hardware and support the development of educational software using IBM's APL programming language
  • SUNY Alfred was one of 14 SUNY colleges involved in this consortium

  Professional Activity

  • Department Chairman, Math/Physics Department (1997-2000)
  • Recipient, Dwight D. Eisenhower Grants (1991-2001)
  • Recipient, State Education Department Math Alert Grants (1996-1998)
  • Recipient, SUNY Tech Sector Development Grant (1997-1998)
  • Facilitator, GESA training seminar for new faculty orientation (2001)
  • Facilitator, GESA training seminar for Wellsville Central School (2002)
  • Course coordinator, Calculus III and Differential Equations (1995-present)
  • Member, Departmental Committee for Revising Calculus III and Differential Equation Courses (1995-present)
  • Member, Departmental Committee for Revising Technical Calculus III and IV Courses (1995-present)
  • Solely responsible for the revision of Advanced Engineering Mathematics I & II (1995-1996)
  • Participant, numerous NSF-sponsored conferences on reforming math and science education (1980-present)
  • Chairman, Departmental Committee for General Education Assessment (2003-present)
  • Developed new course entitled World Energy Resources (1975-1980)
  • Developed and Implemented laboratory component of Modern Physics Course (1975-1980)

Additional Department and University Service

  • Faculty Senator, Math/Physics Department (many times)
  • Proctor, Math Tutor Lab (1995-present)
  • Member, Middle States Periodic Review Report Team (2002-2004)
  • Chairman, Five-Year Review Committee for the Automotive Trades Department (2004)
  • Academic advisor, Undeclared Major Students (1995-present)
  • Academic Advisor, Engineering Science Students (1970-1985)
  • Academic Advisor, Engineering Science Club (1975-1980)
  • Member, Search Committee for Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
  • Member, Departmental Search Committees for hiring new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Search Committees for hiring new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Three Year Review Committee for new faculty
  • Chairman, Departmental Tenure Committee
  • Chairman, Alfred Academic Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Member, Alfred Academic Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Chairman, Student Conduct Committee
  • Member, Five Year Review Committee for Departmental Curriculum
Honors and Awards: 

2006    Promotion to SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

1996    State University of New York Chancellor's Award for
             Excellence in Teaching

1973   State University of New York Computer Consortium Award

  • One of two members of an NSF funded consortium, consisting of 14 SUNY Colleges and Universities, selected to receive this award
  • Award was based on the quality and amount of interactive computer software developed to promote interactive computing as an educational tool for classroom instruction
  • Award consisted of an all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend the 1973 international conference on APL applications