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Olson, Rex A

Position Title: 
Assistant Professor
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Office Location: 
Hunter Student Development Center
Office Phone: 

Duquesne University
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
M.A. Humanistic Psychology

Syracuse University
Ph.D. Humanities
M.Phil. Humanities
M.A. Sociology

University of California, Santa Barbara
MST, Elementary Education (K-6)
SST, Social Science (K-12)
B.A. Sociology

EPLP Mentor 
Rex Olson (Learner, Input, Intellection, Adaptability, Connectedness) teaches core courses in the Human Services program. Having studied social/politcal philosophy and humanistic psychology, his teaching promotes a vision of psychological well being that stems from a self-critical engagement with the world. He holds the view that a critical psychology leads to worldly changes, not only in how we understand the social and existential conditions of human experience, but in how we create social arrangements that are more responsive to the needs of that experience. In this world the personal is political, the psychological is existential, and the freedom to live a joyful life is freedom from oppression. When not teaching or on campus, Rex enjoys swimming, weight training, reading psychology, motorcyle riding, SU basketball, Chargers football and spending time with his family.