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How will I know what classes to take and how the degree curriculum works?


When you are accepted into the program you will work closely with an assigned faculty advisor who is one of the senior faculty members in the program to ensure that you are appropriately advised and that a recommended schedule is developed for you each semester. Classes are offered in the traditional spring and fall semesters, also with a few being offered in the summer and winter sessions as well.

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Can I transfer in my previous college coursework from other colleges?


Yes, you will work closely with our transfer coordinator to ensure that all your previous college credits are reviewed and those that are appropriate are transferred in towards credits for your degree.

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Who are the business faculty and what are their credentials?


Faculty who teach our core business classes possess years of real world experience as well as advanced training and degrees. Included are six faculty who have PhD’s or JD’s (law degrees) in their area of specialization and the remaining faculty all either possess MBA and or advanced Masters’ Degree in Strategic Planning, Technology Management program areas. All our faculty have worked in leadership positions in business and industry and some either own their own businesses or currently also serve in consulting capacities in business as well.

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Do I get credit for a noncredit course?


No. College credits are only given to courses designated as college credit courses. Noncredit courses are taught to further the student’s knowledge on a particular subject without giving college credits.

What is the difference between a matriculated student and a non-matriculated student?


Matriculated students apply to Alfred State through the admissions process and are accepted into a particular program. Non-matriculated students can take one or more courses through The Center for Community Education and Training without going through the admissions process.

Douglas McNamara, class of '13

Doug McNamaraDoug McNamara wants to do a lot of things now that he has graduated with his Alfred State associate degree in electrical construction and maintenance electrician and a BBA in technology management, and he surely will.

“The BBA program seamlessly positioned my technical background into a foundation for higher learning and it has given me a network that has already helped get my foot in the door with an international company,” he said. “I can’t help being excited by all the doors that have opened. This program has been a very, very good choice for me.”

Future Students: 

Kris Majka, class of '13

Kris Majka believes everyone should ‘follow their passion’. He followed his love of art and now his dream career in digital media is within reach and his vision for the future is in view.

This spring, Kris will graduate from Alfred State with a bachelor’s degree in digital media and animation. After that, he expects to go to graduate school for video editing before making his boldest move yet:  a trek across country to Los Angeles where he plans to start his career in digital media.

“When you follow your passion, it takes you places,” said Kris.

“I immediately felt a sense of belonging at Alfred State and have felt that way every day since,” says Kris.

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Dayton is Counter Professional of the Year

Thomas DaytonHow many people, who have worked in a job for over a decade, can still say they truly love what they do?  And how many people, who are successful and comfortable in said job, invest extra time, money, and effort to become even better at it?  One such person so dedicated to his career is Counterman magazine’s Counter Professional of the Year, Thomas Dayton, Jamestown, a first-semester student in Alfred State College’s online aut

Alfred State College students, as well as graduates, are ready to hit the ground running. Thomas Dayton, a first-semester student in the online automotive parts technology program, is Counterman magazine’s Counter Professional of the Year.

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