Alfred Alumni Plaza and Wellsville Campus Courtyard

Create a lasting tribute. Buy a brick today!

Purchasing a brick will allow you to help create the foundation for a new tradition, and remind fellow Pioneers of the faithful alumni and friends who paved the way for them. Engrave your name into the history of Alfred State. Honor yourself or pay tribute to a friend, family member, or favorite faculty or staff member. Declare your devotion to a fraternity or sorority, Pioneer team, club, or chapter.

The Alfred Alumni Plaza and the Wellsville Campus Courtyard are positioned to become the central gathering places in the heart of our two thriving campuses. You may acquire your piece of Alfred State by purchasing a brick (or bricks) to be included in either of these dedicated sites. Each brick can be engraved with your choice with up to three lines of text, using a maximum of 25 characters per line, including spaces.

These designated areas will pay tribute to the College's past, present, and future alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and friends.

How to order your brick:

Recognition opportunities:

  • Wellsville Campus Courtyard Honorary/Memorial Garden: $3,000
  • Brick dedication with three lines of text: $75
  • Brick dedication with two lines of text: $65
  • Brick dedication with one line of text: $55

Wellsville Campus Beautification Initiative

Creating an aesthetic campus environment enhances life in countless ways. Your gift of a memorial garden will create a lasting tribute to someone who has made a difference in your life. The creation of beautiful flower gardens and inviting expanses of lawn will provide a daily source of pleasure for our academic community and visitors.

Today, as new buildings are planned to accommodate our growth and advance our programs, the Wellsville Campus also recognizes the importance of complementing this growth of brick and mortar with green spaces. Through the Wellsville Campus Beautification Initiative, we are seeking your support to help expand our campus beautification efforts. Your support will enhance and create a new physical environment, open new opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and provide a warm welcome to visitors.

Each garden will include a six-foot teak bench situated on a decorative brick pad surrounded by annual and perennial plants, trees, and shrubbery. A matching brick walkway will lead to the garden site and includes an engraved bronze plaque embedded in granite.

Recognition Opportunities

Your donation, in the amount of $3,000, to the Wellsville Campus Beautification Initiative will help the College maintain and enhance the unique scenery that sets it apart as a green space. Your gift will create an eternal tribute and allow you to associate your name, or the name of a loved one, at the garden site.

Your support is essential if we are to accomplish this goal of enhancing the natural beauty of our campus.

For more information please contact:

Danielle White, MBA
Director of Annual Giving
Phone: (607) 587-3931