Your Safety on Campus

Law enforcement is coordinated on the Alfred State campus by the University Police Department, a fully accredited law enforcement agency. This department consists of a chief of police, department secretary, three lieutenants and eight sworn police officers. All officers in this department are certified police officers in New York State.

The University Police department also has four full time dispatchers who manage the communications desk and are responsible for answering the information phone, the 911 emergency line as well as dispatching the patrolling officers. The blue emergency call boxes across campus are also answered by these dispatchers. These emergency blue light telephones are communication devices that place a person in direct contact with University Police by the simple touch of a button. Once pressed, a speaker phone allows the dispatcher to talk with the caller and send help immediately. Emergency blue light telephones are only to be used in emergency situations.

The University Police department at Alfred State conducts vehicular, bicycle, and foot patrols 24-hours a day, 365 days a year on campus and in the residence hall areas.

Contact Info

NYS law accreditation logoOffice of University Police
Alfred State
Theta Gamma House
10 Upper College Drive
Alfred, NY 14802

Non-emergency phone: (607) 587-3999
All on-campus emergencies: 911