Interim Suspension

Pending a formal hearing, the vice president for student affairs (or designee) may suspend a student temporarily from the College immediately after an incident or upon a felony indictment of a student by a Grand Jury. The following procedure is observed:

When the vice president for student affairs (or designee) judges the continued presence of a student would be dangerous, either to him/herself or others, the vice president for student affairs (or designee) will order an immediate investigation with any of the following staff (University Police, Counseling Services, and Health Services). The vice president may suspend the student immediately upon receiving the outcome of the investigation, pending a judicial review/hearing, if there is reasonable cause to believe a violation has occurred and the student charged was the violator. The vice president (or designee) will inform the student in writing, by personal delivery, or if this is not possible, by mail to the student’s usual place of residence or to a place where the student is currently being held, observed, or assisted (e.g., police station, jail, emergency room, medical facility, etc.).

The notice of interim suspension will include charges specifying the violation(s). The matter will then be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action. The student will be contacted by the Office of Judicial Affairs to discuss the disciplinary process. The student may request and receive an immediate appointment with the vice president for student affairs (or designee) for explanation only. A student placed on an interim suspension status is not permitted to attend classes, submit coursework or take exams, reside in campus housing, or be present on College property or attend any College-sponsored event. Failure to observe these restrictions may result in arrest for criminal trespass and/or additional disciplinary charges. When this administrative action is taken, a student is required to relinquish his/her room key(s), student ID card, and any other College property in his/her possession. The College will not reimburse a student for any expenses incurred (e.g. hotel or food costs) during the interim suspension period.

There is no appeal to the vice president for student affairs’ (or designee) decision of an interim suspension pending a hearing. A judicial review and/or disciplinary hearing will convene within a reasonable time considering the circumstances of each case including but not limited to:

  1. Time of academic year;
  2. Availability of witnesses (especially any injured party);
  3. Whether criminal charges are pending or an investigation is ongoing.

If, at the conclusion of the disciplinary process, the student receives an outcome which permits them to resume their studies at the College, they will be permitted to make up any missed coursework. However, this accommodation only applies to the the time absent which was under the control of the College. If the student was unavailable or otherwise delayed the process after the College was ready to proceed, the opportunity to make-up the missed coursework during that additional period of absence will not be guaranteed.