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My Spring break Travels ~ Part 1: The Vatican

Ciao tutti!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post, due to the European ‘backpacking’ lifestyle that I lived for the past week, I simply could not find the means to post blogs during my travels of Europe. As I had promised in my last blog post, I will now take the opportunity to tell you all about my travels during spring break during my next several blog posts. I hope you enjoy hearing about my travels as much as I enjoyed living them!

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My Spring Break Plans

Ciao Tutti!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog this week! We have finally reached the middle of the semester already, time flies in Europe! Me and some friends have lots of travel plans for over spring break, which I can't wait to tell you about! I may or may not have access to a computer while I am travelling, but don't worry -- I will be sure to tell you all about my travels once I return to Sorrento!

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