What is the best residence hall to live in?


All of our residence hall communities have their own special attributes.  As a student at Alfred State College you can choose from a number of different residence hall lifestyles all with unique amenities.  You can choose to live in one of our corridor residence halls which include Braddon Hall, Burdick Hall, Getman Hall, Peet Hall, Shults Hall, and R/C Hall.  These residence halls consist of several rooms and a bathroom(s) opening onto a long hallway.  Another option is one of our suite style residence halls which include MacKenzie North, South, East, and West, Main Gate A, and Main Gate B.  These residence halls have three or four rooms sharing a common lounge and bathroom.  We also provide an opportunity for students to take advantage of townhouse living right on campus.  Each townhouse has a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and single room for each of the six students residing there.  For more information about living on campus, please call the Residential Life Office at (607) 587-4326.