I'm new to Alfred State. What is my username and password?


Alfred State uses a standard username format as follows:

First six letters of your last name + first letter of your first name + first letter of your middle name

For instance: John Q. Hopkins username would be HopkinJQ

Deb Q Long's username would be LongDQ

Greg Troops (no middle name) username would be TroopsG

Occasionally, there will be several users with the same username. In this case, a numeric value is appended to the end of the username.

For example, let's say there are three John J Adams. Their usernames would be: AdamsJJ AdamsJJ2 AdamsJJ3

For a password, Alfred State initially uses your birthday typed like so: mmddyyyy. So, if your birthday was Nov. 22, 1983, your initial password would be: 11221983

Note: Users should change their password from the initial one as soon as possible.