Pioneer Cup FAQ

Why is Alfred State organizing the Pioneer Cup?
Alfred State has made long term institutional commitments to civic engagement, sustainability, and wellness. The Pioneer Cup brings together many of the college’s programs in these areas under a common umbrella, thereby increasing the visibility of each and encouraging greater student participation. Ultimately, we hope the Pioneer Cup will help prepare us to be responsible, healthy, and engaged citizens.

Do I have to participate?
Participation in the Pioneer Cup is totally voluntary. However, participation is fun and it helps your community at the same time, so why wouldn't you participate? We have intentionally designed the scoring system so that all students can easily contribute to their residence hall’s score in some way. Participation also increases your chances of winning one of more of the prizes.

My residence hall has no chance of winning so why should I participate?
Even if your hall is not likely to win the overall prize, you still have a shot at winning one of the individual prizes.

Can students living off-campus participate in the competition?
At the moment, we are only focusing on campus residents. However, we would like to explore incorporating Greek houses and commuter students in future years.

Can Resident Assistants win the monthly drawings for individual prizes?
Yes, RAs are eligible to win prizes just like other students.

How can my program or event count for Pioneer Cup points?
If you would like an event, activity, or program you are organizing to be considered for Pioneer Cup points, please complete the Pioneer Cup Program Point Application on PioneerLink (login required).

How do I share my idea for improving the Pioneer Cup?
We welcome any suggestions and ideas. Please send them to