Pioneer Cup

The Pioneer Cup is a friendly (but fierce!) competition between the college’s residence halls for leadership in civic engagement, sustainability, and wellness. You can help your residence hall earn points and win prizes at the same time by participating in activities, programs, and events related to the competition themes.

Current Standings

Scores are updated after the end of every month. Here are the scores as of April 1.

Pioneer Cup standings as of April 1.

The table below shows how many points each hall earned each month.

Burdick Hall24.0733.3317.289.8820.3729.6325159.57
R/C Hall9.6824.7319.351.089.6816.1342122.65
Peet Hall23.2727.0419.57.554.4013.2125119.96
MacKenzie West8.9617.4113.9313.937.4615.4239104.17
MacKenzie South5.7012.724.393.953.0710.095493.91
Main Gate B6.9417.9214.45012.7215.032592.05
Main Gate A6.906.328.62


Getman Hall1.923.857.69011.5419.233175.23
Shults Hall8.477.3410.171.1311.308.472571.89
Braddon Hall8.519.0420.741.609.577.451167.91
MacKenzie East8.7710.536.142.634.398.772566.23
MacKenzie North6.763.245.5905.006.76027.35

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