What about Preferred Lenders for Alternative Loans?

This list is provided as a resource for your convenience. Please be aware that Alternative Loans are not regulated by the government in the same manner as Federal Direct Stafford Loans and Federal Direct Parent Loans. Therefore, the terms, conditions, and interest rates vary widely.

Most banks provide some form of an educational alternative loan. The lenders included on our list are provided as an example of what is available. Please do your own research to ensure that you select the alternative loan that best meets your needs.

Remember, in addition to completing the alternative loan application, you must also complete an Alternative Loan Financing Worksheet and submit it to the Student Records and Financial Services Office. The worksheet lets us know how and where you want us to send the loan proceeds. Please mail the completed form to:

Alfred State College
Student Records and Financial Services Office
10 Upper College Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
Fax: (607) 587-4298

If you have any questions, please contact us.