Meet the Orientation Leaders

Our orientation leaders are experienced students at Alfred State. They are a typical representation of who we are. These students are athletes, Greeks, club members, and student government representatives. Orientation leaders have been selected to assist you in your transition to Alfred State. Please feel free to ask them anything.

Olivia Ciesla Olivia Ciesla
Major: Marketing
Graduation date: 2017
Clubs: Delta Chi Omega sorority, Project Prom Dress, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program
Favorite Disney character: Ariel “because she is the bomb”

Tyler RibbleTyler Ribble
Major: Business Administration
Graduation date: 2015
Clubs: Drama club and Alfred Programming Board
Favorite Disney character: Simba “because I love the Lion King”

Jolene AkeJolene Ake
Major: Technology Management
Graduation date: 2015
Clubs: Alpha Beta Chi sorority, Greek Senate, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program
Favorite Disney character: Fiona “because she learned to love and accept herself for who she was”

Richardson BastienRichardson Bastien
Major: Digital Media and Animation
Graduation date: 2015
Clubs: Japanese Dance, Jesters
Favorite Disney character: Flynn Rider “because he questions why everyone is always singing”

Christine DoddChristine Dodd
Major: Forensic Science Technology
Graduation date: 2016
Clubs: Alfred Programming Board, Civic Engagement Advocate, Honors Program, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program, Student Ambassador
Favorite Disney character: Mulan “because even though she broke a ton of rules and could’ve gotten in a lot of trouble she went against all odds for something she believed in and also learned how strong she actually is”

Dennis Dueńo Dennis Dueńo
Major: Digital Media and Animation
Graduation date: 2015
Clubs: Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
Favorite Disney character: Simba “because he is strong, kind and learns to become responsible”

Aminata “Annie” Jarboh Aminata “Annie” Jarboh
Major: Financial Planning
Graduation date: 2015
Clubs: Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program, UJIMA, Caribbean Student Association, Resident Assistant
Favorite Disney character: Cinderella “because of her positive attitude”

Coryn JepsonCoryn Jepson
Major: Architecture
Graduation date: 2018
Clubs: Alfred Programming Board, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program, Softball
Favorite Disney character: Minnie Mouse “because she’s adorable”

Derek PerryDerek Perry
Major: Business Administration
Graduation date: 2017
Clubs: Late Night, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program, Leadership Assistant
Favorite Disney character: Stitch “because even though he was different he made the best of his situation and became a part of the family”

Timothy SinnottTimothy Sinnott
Major: Business Administration
Graduation date: 2016
Clubs: Mu Theta fraternity, Live to Fight, Civic Engagement Advocate, Student Senate; Student Life Chair
Favorite Disney character: Bambi “because even with a rough start, you can still end up a great leader”

Alexander SurdykAlexander Surdyk
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Graduation date: 2016
Clubs: Robotics, ERGO
Favorite Disney character: The Beast “because even those who have lost their way have a chance to overcome the odds”

Tiffany WagnerTiffany Wagner
Major: Veterinary Technology
Graduation date: 2014
Clubs: Vet Tech Club, WETD 90.7 the Leap, Student Senate, Resident Assistant, Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program, R/C Hall Council
Favorite Disney character: Cinderella “because she never let anything stop her”

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