Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 14:15

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were honored recently for their 10 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Molly Andrus, graphic designer, Marketing Communications; Brenda Billings, janitor, Facilities Services; Tammy Brackett, professor and Department Chair, Digital Media and Animation; Lucinda Croston, secretary, Business; Lois Curran, secretary, Admissions; Dr. Hollie Hall, director of counseling, Health and Wellness Services; Anne Holmok, head women’s soccer coach, Athletics; Brenda Lorow, cleaner, Facilities Services; Gary Lovell, plant utilities engineer, Heating Plant; Kera Mariotti, associate professor, Civil Engineering Technology; Diane McCaig, cleaner, Facilities Services; Clifford McPeak, associate professor, Business; Jeffrey Patronek, assistant professor, Building Trades; Timothy Piotrowski, associate professor, Civil Engineering Technology; Tammy Sharp, cleaner, Facilities Services; Jason Smith, senior grounds worker, Facilities Services; Craig Sturdevant, staff assistant, Technology Services; Simon Whitehouse, assistant professor, Mathematics and Physics; and Niki Young, program aide, Student Records and Financial Services.

Honorees received a certificate and a college umbrella.

employees holding their umbrellas and certificates
Front row, l-r are Tammy Sharp, Brenda Billings, Tammy Brackett, Molly Andrus, Dr. Hollie Hall, Anne Holmok, and Simon Whitehouse. Second row, l-r are Jason Smith, Timothy Piotrowski, Jeffrey Patronek, Diane McCaig, Kera Mariotti, Gary Lovell, Brenda Lorow, Lois Curran, and Niki Young.