Students embrace Black History Month

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Monday, February 5, 2018 - 14:00

To enhance cultural awareness and strengthen the close-knit community of support at Alfred State College (ASC), students are amplifying cultural programming throughout the month of February with a variety of events.

several people in uniform creating a human pyramid
Zuzu African acrobats will be performing at Alfred State at
6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21 in the Orvis Activities Center
gymnasium. Photo courtesy of Zuzu Acrobats, Inc.

Sponsored by several different student-led organizations, the events include a campus forum about stereotypes, poetry slam, culture-focused debate, Zuzu acrobatic show, documentary film screening, a Black Inventions Exhibit®, and what’s known as the International CommUNITY Potluck to emphasize the benefits of unity in the community.

Many of the students coordinating the activity are members of Kaleidoscope Coalition, a collection of multicultural and diversity organizations at Alfred State. Composed of students, faculty, and staff, the organization provides resources to the campus community by creating events, programs, trainings, and initiatives that are intended to build awareness and encourage human growth.

“Kaleidoscope strives to provide unique opportunities that educate and challenge students to open their minds and cherish new relationships in hopes of further developing their ability to relate to others,” said Kemar Kidd, the student president and chair.

Students across the country have reacted as the topics of race relations and immigration sometimes have led to polarizing national debates. Kidd says students at ASC were not immune to those tensions.

“Increasing programming for Black History Month is a direct response to some of the feedback we received last year,” stated Kidd. “These programs help us learn more about where our neighbors are from, their culture, and their way of life.”