ASC ranks Top 10 in US for computer and engineering degrees

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Students anywhere in the nation searching for a school with a degree in web development will find there is no higher-ranked choice than Alfred State College (ASC).

There are several databases for students to seek the best colleges offering certain majors. According to these objective sources, ASC is one of the top 10 schools in the US offering 11 different computer and engineering degrees. In many programs, the college offers a choice of associate or bachelor’s degrees.

According to Money Magazine’s Best Colleges for Your Money, Alfred State is second only to Yale for schools offering a degree in computer programming, specific applications.

“These rankings are a reflection of the outstanding technical programs at Alfred State. Simply put, we provide a great education that leads to a rewarding career.” said Dr. John Williams, dean of the School of Architecture, Management, and Engineering Technology. “These majors are high-tech and the employer demand in these areas is projected to grow. We have a long history of excellence in professional technical education and these rankings are a valuable resource for prospective students to identify a college of choice.”

When searching several majors related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Alfred State ranks highly when compared to all US colleges and universities:

#1 IT: Web Development – BTech

#2 Cyber Security – BTech

#2 IT: Applications Software Development – BTech

#2 IT: Network Administration – BTech

#3 Computer Engineering Technology – AAS & BS

#3 Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology – AAS & BS

#7 Mechanical Engineering Technology – AAS & BS

#9 Electrical Engineering Technology - BS

#32 Construction Management – BS

Top 38 Construction Engineering Technology – BS

Again this year Alfred State is a STEM Jobs Approved College for focusing on majors aligned with in-demand and high-paying careers. The most recent STEM Jobs Report Card graded the college with a stellar 97 percent opportunity score for providing internships and hands-on training.

According to John Slenker, a regional analyst for the New York State Department of Labor, those with a STEM-related career in western New York earn $67,000 annually compared to a $39,000 annual salary for non-STEM workers.

To encourage more female students in STEM-related majors, the college offers the Women Engineers are Pioneers (WEP) Club. The goal is to enable collaboration and support among members, while also reaching out to the community to increase interest in technology and engineering degrees among women. ASC offers students many tools to help discover which major is right for them including programs they may have never considered. Like the STEM-related majors, female students can find suggestions for more nontraditional career choices at

Mechanical engineering technology student
Alfred State ranks extremely high nationally among schools with STEM-related majors such as mechanical engineering technology.