ASC ranked top five in US for “new collar jobs"

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For all 14 of the degree programs now offered to new students at the School of Applied Technology, Alfred State College (ASC) ranks among the top five schools in the nation. Graduates are able to launch their careers in the automotive, construction, manufacturing, and restaurant industries after two years of study.

With a skills gap that threatens to leave millions of American jobs unfilled and waiting for qualified workers, many students are choosing a path to land these “new collar jobs.” That term is used to describe jobs requiring skills beyond high school, but not necessarily a four-year degree.

Among the honors, objective sources rank Alfred State No. 1 in the US out of all schools offering six degrees related to construction, manufacturing, and automotive. For a new motorcycle and power sports major, ASC is a true pioneer by being the top and only ranked school offering such a degree.

“When you sign up for an associate degree here in Wellsville or Alfred, you know you are getting the knowledge and skills you need for the career you want,” said Jeff Stevens, interim dean for the School of Applied Technology. “These majors are geared to deliver graduates to employers who are eagerly looking for qualified applicants. I judge success by watching my students go directly from graduation day to a payday at their new job.”

Students searching for these in-demand majors will find ASC ranked highly on several college databases either at No. 1 or very near the top of the national rankings.

#1 Electrical Construction and Maintenance - AOS

#1 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - AOS

#1 Machine Tool Technology - AOS

#1 Masonry - AOS

#1 Motorcycle and Power Sports Technology - AOS

#1 Motorsports Technology - AOS

#2 Autobody Repair - AOS

#2 Building Trades: Building Construction - AOS

#2 Heavy Equipment, Truck & Diesel Technician - AOS

#2 Heavy Equipment Operations - AOS

#3 Automotive Service Technician - AOS

#4 Welding Technology - AOS

#5 Culinary Arts - AOS

#5 Culinary Arts: Baking, Production & Management - AOS

There are a number of databases available where students can filter all US colleges and universities to list only those offering selected programs. Some of those sources ranking ASC highly include US News and World Report,, and Money Magazine’s Best Colleges for your Money. See details regarding the college’s rankings.

Students choose from a total of 75 different four-year and two-year degree options at Alfred State. Recent graduates report 99 percent either are employed or continuing their education within six months of earning a diploma.

For students still undecided about the best career path, Alfred State offers tools to help discover the degrees that employers are seeking. The college also has more information about the great need for skilled workers and advice on the subject from Mike Rowe, known for his work on television including “Dirty Jobs.” Undecided students can access these resources at

student wearing a hard helmet next to a solar panel
Electrical construction and maintenance electrician students are excited to be in a program where ASC is ranked among the top in the nation.