Alfred State honors 10-year employees

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Friday, June 2, 2017 - 12:15

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were honored recently for their years of service at the college.

Those employees honored for 10 years included Ann Baldwin, admissions assistant, Admissions; Wayne Bensley, associate professor, Physical and Life Sciences; Scott Bingham, lieutenant, University Police; Pamela Brandes, secretary, School of Applied Technology; Barbara Brockway, secretary, Office of Vice President for Student Affairs; David Carli, associate professor, Architecture and Design; Casey Cowburn, staff associate, Student Success Center; Mark Cragg, instructional support assistant, College Farm; Cynthia Flurschutz, office assistant (keyboarding), Electrical Trades; Gregory Howe, campus public safety officer; Stephanie Hoyer, digital marketing specialist, Marketing Communications; Steven Jacobi, assistant professor, Automotive Trades; Edward Kenney, university police officer, University Police; Stephen Kielar, instructor, Electrical Trades; Dr. Matthew Lawrence, professor and department chair, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology; Martha McGee, bursar, Student Records and Financial Services; Jaime Palmatier, staff assistant, Health and Wellness Services; Mark Payne, assistant professor, Building Trades; and Elizabeth Weber, secretary, Admissions.

Honorees received a certificate and a college umbrella.

faculty and staff members sitting and standing with their certificates and umbrellas
Front row from left to right, Stephen Kielar, Jaime Palmatier, Martha McGee, Cynthia Flurschutz, Barbara Brockway,
Pamela Brandes, and Ann Baldwin. In the second row, from left to right, are Elizabeth Weber, Mark Payne, Matthew
Lawrence, Gregory Howe, Casey Cowburn, Wayne Bensley, and Scott Bingham.